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my inner child is tired and worn. give her time to heal. gift her the proper resources. Dr. Jennings, the angel savior, is working on it. But it’s not science. It’s not exact. feeling better is not a chemical equation.

your trauma is ancient and deeply embedded. But it doesn’t define you. you are not damaged goods. don’t cry darling. your world isn’t over. you will grow past it. the roots are tangled and knotted. falling over each other. your leaves are tilted sideways and ingrown. your stem is weak, close to death. don’t worry you will grow past it.

love isn’t chaotic and unstable. real love is compassion. kindness and priorities. it’s okay that your father didn’t love you right. you will grow past it. feeling better is no chemical equation.

YOUR TIME IS NOW. after years and years and years. it’s time to put your emotional wellbeing first. your not dramatic. your not overemotional. don’t let others tell you how to feel. you will grow past it.

water your seeds with the small things you love. nature walks with those you cherish. a hot cup of coffee and a romance novel. audition for a play, even if you can’t act. call your mother, remind her you love her. keep writing, someday you will improve.

stop. shut down the cycle. stop the wheels from turning. face the music. i am growing. i am healing. inch by inch. flower by flower. moment by moment. my healing is no science. no. but i am now in control of my own growth.

Hey, I'm Jessie and I'm a Creative Writing Major at the College of Charleston. I'm a sophomore from the amazing DC area and I love traveling, the outdoors, music, and coffee. I'm a book fiend, literally it's a problem, and in my free time you can find me with my nose in a romance or fantasy book. Or at Buxton Books in Downtown Charleston where I'm employed. Writing is my passion and I love writing dark angry poetry and fun short stories.
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