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Every season the hottest trends rise to the surface leaving all else behind. However, it is not always easy being ahead of the trends meaning your style gets left behind too. This season, we are making it easy for you by making this list of awesome products that are absolute must-haves.

Eos Organic Lip Balm



How cute are these lip balms? They’re perfect for popping into your bag because they cap can’t pop off easily which keeps your lip balm nice and clean. They’re also super moisturizing leaving your lips soft during chapped lips season. Plus, they are organic and made only with natural ingredients!


Beanies from Primark


Cold ears? Never heard of them. These beanies will keep you so warm and super stylish. Whether you like a fun ball of fluff on your head or you prefer to keep it classic, Primark has tons of options to choose from so they can always fit into your style.


Almay Goddess Gloss


Look at the shine on these bad boys! Whether you’re going out on town or just to the Festival of Lights, you need this gloss. The best part is these glosses are so moisturizing and NOT STICKY! Literally the perfect gloss for high shine lips.


VELCRO Brand HANGables Removable Wall Fasteners



These Velcro HANGables are perfect for mess-free decorating. Avoid sticky strips or nails by using these. They come in various sizes, colors, and glue solutions to hang literally anything you could possibly want on your wall. These are so perfect for dorm rooms or rental houses because they leave no mess and no holes.

Fall has arrived folks and so have these incredible products. You can find each of them online and some in your local stores. Do not sleep on these products or you will seriously miss out on some great finds.

All photos courtesy of Jennie Garman.

Hello, my name is Jennie and I am a senior at CofC. I am majoring in English with a concentration in Writing, Rhetoric, and Publication as well as minoring in Women & Gender Studies. I love to spend my time playing with dogs or gardening.