Ever Considered Traveling by Bus?

Have you ever realized that the countless travel blogs and lifestyle magazines you have browsed through constantly focus on how to handle traveling solely by plane? With articles explaining exactly what to pack in your carryon to teaching you how to become TSA precheck, just to skip the long security line that everyone dreads. While flying has become more affordable and frequent it seems as if most travel editors have forgotten about other modes of transportation, making the unfamiliar idea even more nervewracking.

 If you think of the bus as your last resort when it comes to long-distance traveling, then you obviously haven’t buckled up in a Motor Coach, MegaBus, or Greyhound, the three most popular buses filling highways across the United States and abroad. As someone who has independently mastered the airport since the age of eleven, this past holiday season I took the bus for the first time. As anyone else would, I searched for what to expect on my long journey on a bus and found articles clogging my mind with negativity. From one honest traveler to another I will share with you why you should consider traveling by bus!

No Endless Security Lines 

It's as if airports don’t understand the anxiety people have towards flying that they throw the added stress of going through security into the equation. Asking people to mess up their outfits and walk barefoot, just to gather their belongings which have most likely set off the metal detector can be a hassle. When traveling by bus, passengers lineup inside the station and scan their ticket after putting their bags down below...yes, it’s that easy, no security or baggage claim!

Saves You Money

Sometimes you have to plan air travel up to a year in advance depending on your final destination, with tickets spanning in the hundreds of dollars. The nice thing about traveling by bus is that they are more frequent with a wide range of locations. Round trip bus tickets can be as cheap as $50!  

Power Outlets & FREE Wifi 

There’s nothing worse than boarding a long plane with 20% battery on your phone just to find out they don’t have outlets or wifi. When you travel by bus, you'll have the luxury of high-speed wifi and power outlets to make the ride all that more enjoyable. Plug your phone in, stream the newest episode of The Bachelor, and relax. 

You’re Taking A Tour

When you’re traveling by bus you’re not only paying for the ride, but for the experience. The sides of the bus are made up of large clear windows allowing you to see the outdoors on your journey. Depending on your bus driver, some may even point out historic spots or beautiful landscapes, so you don’t have to worry about missing anything while relaxing.

They’re Green, Really! 

Don’t be fooled by the smoke pouring out of the tailpipe of large buses, the truth is that buses have the smallest carbon footprint of all forms of motorized transportation. In fact, one bus is more eco-friendly than 30 cars. So don’t be hesitant to step aboard!