Dressing for an Interview

One of the hardest things to dress for is an interview. I have always felt like I couldn’t show my style if I was being forced to wear business attire but that is far from the case. Here I’m focusing on a few of my favorite interview-ready outfits.

For the girls who love pink…

I love this outfit for an interview in the spring and summer months. The pink definitely adds a pop of color and I love the style of the shirt. The small cut outs add to the texture of the shirt giving it a unique style. I’m a huge fan of pink and navy together, so I love the navy pencil skirt. The gold accents throughout the outfit like the gold purse, gold necklace and gold watch help complete the outfit!

Photo courtesy of Pinterest.

The pants and blazer…redefined.

Sometimes I feel like if I wear plants and a blazer it's not feminine enough for me, but I am obsessed with the way this outfit is styled. I am a major fan of the gingham top and the peplume style of this top. It really adds some feminine style to this outfit. The navy and white combination with pops of nude hues are my absolute favorite. I think the pearls are a great accessory piece, but I can also see this outfit styled with gold jewelry instead.

Photo courtesy of Pinterest.

The accessories…

When it comes to an interview outfit you want, your accessories to compliment you…not overpower you. Some big interview NO’s include; large chunky jewelry, a million bracelets on your arm, or a purse that is too small to hold a resume. The last thing you want is your jewelry to distract your interviewer. Personally, if you’re wearing a million Alex & Ani bracelets, I’m annoyed. Although I’m a huge fan of bracelets, I don’t want to hear them jingle every couple seconds and neither does someone who could potentially give you a job. My go-to interview jewelry is dainty necklaces that don’t draw too much attention.

In terms of handbags, your purse should be big enough to hold a planner or any paperwork. When you go to a job interview, you need something big enough to hold any paperwork you may give them. If you have to fold your resume to fit it in your bag, it is too small. Give your papers plenty of room where they can stay neat and organized. A small clutch is not the bag to bring to an interview.

Photo courtesy of Pinterest

The shoes…

If you can’t walk in your shoes, don’t wear them. I love wearing heels, but they might not always be the best option. I once wore 5 inch heels to Capital Hill and I was miserable the whole time. I thought they were really cute, but it was a huge mistake. I love Tieks ballet flats. They are the most comfortable flats I’ve ever worn and are also perfect for an interview. They’re cute but also make your feet feel amazing. The longer my feet are in pain, the grumpier I get so, I recommend keeping your feet happy for any interview.

Photo courtesy of Tieks.