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Dog Costumes I Demand To See This Halloween

Dogs. In. Costumes. What more could you ask for? My favorite part of Halloween is seeing all the creative ways dog owners dress up their pets, and even though we are in a pandemic, this year is no exception! I've compiled the ~cutest~ doggy costumes ever and demand to see these costumes on social media this Halloween!

The Cutest Mummy & Ghost 

How cute is this?! This DIY costume is not for the most energetic doggos, but can be super cute on our timid pets! Grab an old sheet, a roll of toilet paper, and some scissors, and recreate this spooky look!

Who's The Fairest of Them All? 

If you have a drama queen for a pup, this costume is perfect for you! Show off your pet's sassy attitude by dressing them up like a queen! A tutu and tiara will suffice to give your pooch the royal treatment and might even find them a prince! 

COVID-19 Heroes 

What better way to show homage to all the hardworking health care professionals than dressing your dog up like one! An old scrub shirt and toy stethoscope will fit perfectly on your pooch for a low-maintenance costume! Be sure to post your pet on social media to thank health care workers for all their hard work!

Taco Terrier 

This terrier is so cute he looks good enough to eat (literally)! Dressing your pet up like a taco or any other delicious food is determined to get the neighborhood dogs drooling! Get creative and dress your pooch up as a snack!

Not All Heroes Wear Capes (But This One Does)

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's SuperDog! Dressing your pooch up as a superhero is a classic and never gets old! Dress your pup up like your favorite Marvel or DC superhero and have your doggy save the day! 

Whether it's a mummy or a taco, dog costumes never fail to lighten up the spooky season! Get creative, dress that pooch up, and post on social media so we can all enjoy the cute ways your dogs can help celebrate the Halloween season! 

Haley Baker

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