Do You Have a Healthy Perspective on Make-Up?

To whoever needs this, especially younger readers: DO NOT LET PUBLIC EXPECTATIONS OF YOU AFFECT YOUR DECISIONS!

Something I deliberated during the start of high school was the concept of wearing makeup on an everyday basis. I knew I didn’t have the features of a model on the cover of Vogue, but at the same time, I wasn’t necessarily uncomfortable with my appearance. I’d been looking at the same face in the mirror for so long that I had just gotten used to it and didn’t feel the need for change.

Over time I began to accumulate beauty products, acquiring them from gifts or on my own prerogative. I incorporated mascara into my daily routine, then started filling in my brows. Before I knew it, I had learned to apply foundation and concealer, use a contour palette on the correct areas of my face, and experiment with eyeshadows that paired well with the color of my eyes. But as I developed these skills, I was faced with an internal dilemma: by “giving in” to the concept that I need to alter my appearance with liquids and powders as I get older to feel more attractive, was I just furthering the societal requirements of feminine beauty standards? (this probably wasn’t exactly what I was thinking, but that pretty much sums it up.)

As I have aged and matured, I’ve realized that this mindset is EXTREMELY flawed. And honestly? Screw societal expectations for the physical appearance of women! (Men too, but that’s a whole other article). If you want to rock a full face of makeup, DO IT! Put on that sparkly eyeshadow and bold lipstick. Make sure your highlight is popping! You are gorgeous, inside and out. If make-up is something that helps you feel confident in yourself and your looks, great!

But, if you’d rather rock a natural look, whether it be forever or just for a day, that’s great as well! Whatever makes you the most comfortable or whatever you feel like doing that day is completely up to you, and nobody can convince me that you look anything short of stunning. Don’t let anyone make you feel even slightly less than that.


Photos by Nicole De Khors