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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at C of C chapter.

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to get your creative side going. Everyone loves homemade gifts because it shows that you put more thought and effort into the present.  However, sometimes it can be a real pain coming up with something DIY that will meet your standards. If you have the time and patience to make the gift, but not necessarily any great ideas, then I have the list you need!

Date Night Jar


Photo courtesy of Tastefully Electric.

First, you will need a jar with a lid. You can use either popsicle sticks or slips of paper to write the date night ideas on. This is the perfect gift if you can never decide what to do for date night or just want to try something new! A good trick is to use different colored sticks/paper for different categories, such as “free”, “expensive”, etc. You can do as many as will fit in your size jar and you can always reuse ideas. Fun ideas could include going to the movies, going on a bike ride, or trying a new restaurant. Once you have everything in the jar, just tie it up with a pretty ribbon and label it if you would like. 

“Open When…” Letters


Photo courtesy of India

For this you will need envelopes, paper, and a pen; there are not many materials required for this. On the outside of the letter, write when your partner should open the letter. Some of my personal favorites include: when you’ve had a long day, when you need a pep talk, and when you miss me. Then write out the letters of whatever you want to say for each scenario. To keep your partner from cheating by opening them all at once, create one that they have to open right away that includes the rules for the letters. If you want to add a little extra to the letters, you could include gift cards or photos as well. This gift is perfect especially if you do not get to see your partner every day. This allows them to hear something nice from you without having to tell you what they’re thinking about.

What I Love About You Jar


Photo courtesy of Styletic.

This is another cool jar idea, I know. For this you will need a jar and some slips of paper. On each piece of paper write a little note telling them what you love about them or why you love them. Fold the papers so they can’t peek at them and seal them in the jar. You can make it pretty with a ribbon or a label if that’s your style. This is a great gift for someone that likes to hear nice things often (like most of us) but you don’t always tell them enough.

Love Coupons


Photo courtesy of DecoratingWiki.

These will require a little bit more from you. There are many free printable on the internet for DIY coupons that you can use or you can make your own template and go from there. The coupons can have fun things like one free wish or one answer to any question or you could make them more romantic like one free candle light dinner or one free body massage. You can put literally anything on these coupons, so get creative! You could give the coupons to your partner all at once or hide them so your partner has to find all of them. Either way, these give you plenty of free space to do whatever you want with them.


With Valentine’s Day coming up, it is crucial to get your gift plans in line and what better gift than the gift of time and effort (also known as DIY)!

Hello, my name is Jennie and I am a senior at CofC. I am majoring in English with a concentration in Writing, Rhetoric, and Publication as well as minoring in Women & Gender Studies. I love to spend my time playing with dogs or gardening.