The Dixie Chicks Still Slam Hard

Okay, so this past week my life has been shook up by the reuniting of the Jonas brothers. I was not expecting it and now I am in the midst of an issue. I am in a deep hole of listening to old bops. I started by going back to the classics. I listened to the original Joe Bro bops, Jesse McCartney, Avril Lavigne and now I have made all the way to the songs of my childhood, the Dixie Chicks. They remind me so much of my mom and our epic car rides.  Also just the general feeling of being small and confused in a backseat.

Here are five songs that slam hard from the Dixie Chicks.

1. Goodbye Earl

This song is definitely about murder but it’s honestly really fun. It has a great beat and has a whimsical story of friendship weaved throughout.

2. Wide Open Spaces

This one gives me such good vibes. I just want to go run away to a giant field and think about the magical possibilities of life.

3. There’s Your Trouble

I have not stopped singing this for like five days. If my roommates can hear me, I’m sure they want to murder me just like Earl.

4. Not Ready to Make Nice

This song is super emo and it’s perfect if you are feeling a little dramatic.

5. Am I the Only One (Who’s Ever Felt This Way)

NO, YOU’RE NOT.  I am reminded that we all feel down sometimes and it’s okay. Girl, you are not alone.

This article may be super random, but I implore you to give these a listen. Or even better? Take a fun trip down memory lane and find those childhood songs that made you happy. Also, I would like to give a large thank you to the Jonas Brothers for A) reuniting B) being the cutest ever and C) inspiring this journey. In case you needed more convincing, Jonathan Van Ness from Queer Eye is a stan. So happy listening!