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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at C of C chapter.

I didn’t have a care in the world when I was a fourth grader. I was adorable, and looking back, I had really did have a sick ponytail. I was never much of a recess gal. I always got hit in the face when I played sports, so I just avoided the savages on the field who chucked around a ball for twenty-five minutes.

Just kidding, physical activity is good, children, don’t be like me. Anyway, I always enjoyed sitting out on the sports and chatting with my gal pals. We were always doing something stupid like putting on a musical for two people or trying to pull a large rock out of the ground. I was ten and yes, these things are not made up…. so just …shhhhh. One day I had a chocolate pudding in my lunch, and I was very hyped about it. It was just a Snack Pack, but you would’ve thought I was it was a solid gold bar by my excitement level.

I loved that pudding, but the pudding did not love me. I pulled it out of my Vera Bradley lunch box. Peeled open that weird aluminum material on top (I’m not a scientist so no, I don’t have a good descriptive word for that but I’m pretty sure it might have been aluminum…not the point but still). But then out of nowhere, some punk kid threw a football and it went flying right toward none other than yours truly.

As you can imagine, the pudding was no longer. After the football hit me right in the back of the head it went flying in the air quite majestically. My school uniform was covered in pudding and my face was covered in tears. I had this weird thing as a kid where I would laugh and cry at the same time! Fun right! So yeah that also was happening while my whole class buzzed around to check if I was okay. I think I might have frightened them with my hysterics. 

Now I know this is just a dumb story, but it brings up those cringy memories that plague us all sometimes. I have decided that I am no longer embarrassed by this or any other super odd memory. Even if some people refuse to admit it, we all had awkward stages! I am still going through it…help. No, but seriously, let’s laugh about these horrible moments. They only have power if we give it to them. Let them eat pudding!  Sources





Kathryn Collins is a Sophomore at the College of Charleston this year. She is majoring in arts management with a minor in creative writing. She loves traveling, watching terrible movies, eating brunch and other fancy lady activities. Instagram: @katiecollins_7