Cornell Holland '19

Name: Cornell Holland

Year: Freshman

Hometown: London, England

Activities involved with on campus: I came to Charleston to play on the soccer team, so I spend most of my time focusing on that.

Favorite Movie: Crash.

Favorite Store: All Saints for sure, even though I don’t own that much stuff.  I didn’t know you guys had it in the States.

Favorite Food: Jumbo Shrimp.

General Interests: Politics, both American and British.  I also like to read.  I just read the same book about the Middle East three times. I also enjoy music, film, and hanging out with my friends.

Where are you most likely to be found on campus: City Bistro, TD Arena, or the Library.

Current Relationship Status: It’s complicated.


Biggest Turn off: I hate when girls have a short attention span, it’s the most annoying thing when a girl can’t just sit down and watch a movie; also, bad hygiene, lack of social awareness or when girls are overly sensitive.

Biggest Turn on: I love a girl that is open minded, straight forward, well read, athletic and has a good sense of humor.

What is your ideal date: I would like to take a girl to the movies, then go to dinner, then go somewhere else for dessert and then finish the night off with a walk.

Three words to describe yourself: Inquisitive, hungry, driven.

Where do you see yourself senior year: In good steed to continue my soccer career.

Fun Fact: I love the rain.