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Closed for Business: Downtown Favorite Nick’s Original BBQ

On Tuesday, April 12, Nick’s Original BBQ was forced to close due to the 200 year old building it was located in being deemed not safe.  In an interview with The Post & Courier after the quick announcement, owner John O’Haire stated: “The mortar in the bricks is old [...] The front of the building needs more support than what it currently has, and they need to come in and do what they do with scaffolding and heavy equipment to shore it up.”

Photo from Charleston Eater.

The closing prompted one lane of King Street and the accompanying sidewalk to be shut down for the safety of drivers and pedestrians.  

The restaurant has sat on King Street for over 12 years and has fed many students, their families and tourists alike in it’s time.  How have students’ reacted to the closing of the beloved barbecue joint?  Not well.  Many have taken to Facebook saying “where will I get my cheesy biscuits?” and “nooooooo.” Thankfully, owner O’Haire hinted that the establishment was already eyeing a new location.  He stated: “We have no desire to leave.”

Photo from Post & Courier.

The closing of Downtown establishments is nothing new this year though.  The infamous La Hacienda closed earlier this semester after the building was bought up for over $300,000–leaving students without cheap Mexican cuisine and lime green margaritas.  Boone’s Bar also was forced to shut it’s doors after the building fell under new management, something they had been faced with only a year prior.  Again students were forced to say goodbye to Thursday night antics at their favorite place and drink specials not found elsewhere in Charleston.  

So, what will be the next establishment to be taken from King Street in 2017?  Stay tuned.

Born and raised in the northernmost state, Alaska, Marissa flew south to College of Charleston for a little more sun and a little more heat.  She believes a good life involves coffee, puppies, and more coffee and free time is her favorite thing not to have.  
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