Circles, Mac Miller's Last Album

As some may know, Mac Miller’s family has decided to release a posthumous album titled Circles, which comes out January 17th. Hearing this news I felt something between immense excitement and deep sadness. I listened to his music, watched his show, and kept up with his life for about six years, so you can say I was fully invested. As a fan, I am obviously ecstatic to hear some new music but the circumstances are going to make it so much harder to listen to. To think that this will be the last time we ever hear new Mac Miller songs is, in a way, chilling. Like...that's it. It makes me want to stretch out the time spent listening to the album, to almost savor it. I’ve put off listening to "Good News", the single that has already been released, just so I can hear everything together.

Mac Miller had some amazing albums and he really grew as an artist over the years. His style evolved but it never completely changed. I’m not really sure what to expect from this album; I’m just sure it’s going to be a good one. It’s supposed to be connected with his last album, Swimming, suggesting he’s swimming in circles as announced in a statement from his family. This album is one of those things I can’t wait for, but want to wait for. I think it’s amazing that people's music can be timeless. It’s something we get to keep even though they’re gone. Although the circumstances are tragic, I'm so grateful that we get a new piece of him that hopefully we can all cherish.