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Whether you’re a fan of true crime or the supernatural, the Ghoul Boys (as they’ve come to be affectionately called) of Buzzfeed Unsolved have you covered. Ryan Bergara and Shane Madej are the ultimate dynamic duo: Ryan is the believer of all things spooky and eerie while Shane is…skeptical, to say the least. The two get up to the craziest antics, often visiting reportedly haunted sites or, in their True Crime series, the sites of grizzly murders. Both the True Crime and the Supernatural series are fan favorites and have brought the Buzzfeed Unsolved Network quite a bit of notoriety. The most recent episode, “The Unbelievable Horrors of the Old City Jail” (which is set in Charleston!), has over 2.8 million views. One of their most popular episodes, “3 Horrifying Cases Of Ghosts and Demons” has over 19 million views.

Also, Shane is the source of this iconic meme: 

Source: https://knowyourmeme.com/memes/hey-there-demons

The popularity of the series can likely be attributed to the Ghoul Boys themselves. Their continuous banter makes the show as informative as it is hilarious. As many fans have noted, the Scully/Mulder dynamic is entertaining, but it’s often the skeptic, Shane, who is the wackier of the two. In most supernatural episodes, you’ll often find him taunting various demons and spirits to show themselves, much to Ryan’s horror. In fact, Shane’s cavalier attitude towards the supernatural has earned him a reputation of being a demon himself.

Source: Tumblr: riddlermethis

In their 70th episode, Shane and Ryan celebrated with a list of the top five fan-favorite episodes, spanning across the True Crime and Supernatural channel: “3 Horrifying Cases Of Ghosts and Demons,” “Goatman’s Bridge,” “Waverly Hills Sanitorium,” “D.B. Cooper,” and “Jack the Ripper.” Two of the episodes from their most recent season are set in Charleston, SC: one at the USS Yorktown and the other at the Old City Jail. While I was so excited to hear that they were in my city, my personal favorite episode, “Goatman’s Bridge,” is what originally got me started on the series. 10/10 would recommend.

Source: Tumblr: piccologhost

While this show is often informative (I’ve learned more about serial killers than I ever thought I would), it’s the humor that makes this show one of the most enjoyable to watch. As you can imagine from the title, nothing actually gets solved in the show, but you get to see two dramatic idiots on screen loudly taunting the supernatural and randomly getting scared (looking at you, Ryan). Is it the most polished show on TV? Definitely not. But it’s quotable humor and ridiculous shenanigans will keep you wanting more.

You can watch the Ghoul Boys on the Buzzfeed Unsolved Network on YouTube or stream it on Amazon Prime and Hulu. After each episode, Shane and Ryan will host a Q&A episode where they answer questions from the fans – which I highly recommend watching after each episode. The best episode to start is “3 Horrifying Case Of Ghosts and Demons” for the Supernatural series and “The Strange Disappearance of D.B. Cooper” for the True Crime series.

Sources: Buzzfeed Unsolved Network on YouTube

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