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Sunset at Folly Beach Charleston, SC
Original photo by Kiley Pettit

The Best Sunset Spots In Charleston

Charleston is a city that is famous for its beauty. From the fascinating historical architecture, calming beaches, and lively shops, this city is full of beautiful things. So it is only fitting to give you the best sunset spots that I have found in Charleston because what is more beautiful than a sunset, right?

The Battery
Sunset at the Battery: Charleston, SC
Original photo by Kiley Pettit

There is honestly nothing that compares to the Battery during sunset. Take a perfect walk along the seawall where the waves from the bay are crashing against it with sailboats enjoying the last few minutes of the day. The beautiful houses surrounding the Battery will put you in awe as you watch the sun slowly dip down towards the water. If you haven’t been to the Battery at sunset, get there ASAP, you won’t regret it!

Morris Island Lighthouse

Located at the northern end of Folly Beach, the Morris Island Lighthouse is standing at a distance, surrounded by water on all sides. This lighthouse is a little tricky to get to as you have to walk down a half-mile path to the beach where it is, but I promise it will be all worth it! 

P.S: The pavement on the path is covered in cool graffiti, so it is definitely a fun walk!!

The Ravenel Bridge

The walkway on the Ravenel Bridge that connects our lovely city to Mount Pleasant provides a view for the books! The 2.5 mile-long walkway—a way to get those steps in, ladies!—is extremely scenic, especially because you can watch the sunset over the entire city of Charleston!

The Top of A Parking Garage
Sunset at a Parking Garage in Charleston, SC
Original photo by Kiley Pettit

Literally any parking garage in the city that has an open roof is the perfect spot that will guarantee you the best sunset pictures! My personal favorite is the St Phillips Street garage across from Berry Hall, where you can get a 360-degree view of the entire city, including the Ravenel Bridge in the distance, of course!

Watching the sunset is the perfect way to end your day, so grab your friends and a camera, throw on your favorite outfit, and go take some amazing pictures at any of these locations!

Kiley is currently a sophomore at the College of Charleston and pursuing a major in Communication and minoring in Dance and Marketing. She is from Ocean City, New Jersey, and loves the summer and going to the beach. Whenever she is not dancing, she is usually hanging out with friends and family, going on long walks, getting coffee, or listening to good music!
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