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The Best Stores for my Plus Size Girls on a Budget

Shopping is the greatest stress reliever ever discovered, but as someone who’s been a curvier girl all her life, it can become more of a frustrating situation than harmless fun. When I was in high school, the only thing more challenging than research papers was fully growing into my figure. The options for us just aren’t the same – and don’t even make get me talking about swimsuit season!

I felt it was only right that I share my favorite and most trusted sources for all my fashion needs. Not only do these stores have a great selection, but for being a budget these retailers won’t break your bank. 

1. Forever 21 

From casual to nightwear, this store became an immediate favorite on my go to my shopping list. They offer a great variety of stylish options for all seasons like as this ultra cute knit jacket:

2. ASOS Curve 

ASOS is a brand I’ve heard being thrown around by all my friends, but it wasn’t until my UNIDAYS membership that I really gave them a try. Their plus size/curve section is to die for and their prices are lovely. Plus, if you have a UNiDAYS discount, you can get things you love at an even better price. Just use my referral code to start saving today on pieces like this low back bodycon dress:

3. Lane Bryant 

AKA my holy grail place for bra shopping. Bra shopping is an unfortunate sector of life that comes with being full figured, and in my experience, I’ve found that on Ms. Lane Bryant is enough for all my needs. Aside from intimates they also cater to all your clothing and swimsuit needs and usually always have a sale going on so you can save cute bras like this super cute smooth boost plunge bra 

4. Charlotte Russe

Charlotte Russe is a store that can be found in just about any mall and is my first place for all things jeans and bottoms related. Also, when they have their awesome $25 or less sale, their jeans are only 20 bucks! You’ll thank me for this advice one day when you can go pick up a pair of jeans like these cello destroyed skinny jeans that’ll have you feeling yourself all day: 

5. Boohoo.com 

I feel this list wouldn’t be properly complete without this UK based fashion retailer. Another site found from the lovely perks of UNiDAYS, Boohoo is the place for casual wear and statement pieces alike like this satin tie top and trouser set:


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