Best Plant Shops around Charleston

House plants are one of the best ways to decorate your living space. Who doesn’t love seeing a ton of adorable plants when you walk into a room? They are cute, affordable, and are a great use of space. They also give you responsibility, as they are something you have to take care of and put love into. Here are three of the best places to get house plants around Charleston.   

  1. 1. Hægur Plant Shop

    Devil's Ivy growing out of pot

    This adorable plant shop is located on upper King Street. The outside and inside of the store make for some total Snapchat story moments. The owner of the store is amazing and so helpful. (The last time I visited he didn’t have any shoes on.) It is such a vibe!   

    Hægur Plant Shop

    Instagram: @haegur

    Location: 1102 King St, Charleston



  2. 2. Plant Babe 

    book fashion plants minimal cactus cacti cool style

    This cute plant shop is located on Meeting St Rd. They have a great variety of plants and they also sell the cutest vases for your new plants. 

    Plant Babe  Instagram: @shopplantbabe Location: 1836 Meeting St Rd, Unit 102, Charleston   

  3. 3. BKed SHop

    Bright living room area with green plants

    Get ready to be blown away. This store sells plants AND doughnuts! What more could you need? While I have not been here yet, it is on the top of my to-do list! 

    BKed SHop

    Instagram: @bkedshop

    Location: 99 Westedge St., Charleston

                   408 Nexton Sq Drive, Summerville 

 I hope this list makes you want to go adopt a ton of plants to fill your living space with! Be sure to show them lots of love and attention! Have fun plant shopping!