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Best Friends Make Everything Better

This semester, spring break couldn’t have come soon enough! Every semester gets a little tough around midterms – it just feels like the work never stops. Who knows what it is about this term in particular (the cold weather? the fact that I’m graduating in 2 months? the intense course load following a fairytale semester abroad?), but it’s been pretty tough. And I was more than willing to start my spring break a few days early when my best friend suggested she come down to Charleston for a visit.

When I went to pick her up from the airport on Monday night, I was so excited that I didn’t know if I’d be able to make it there without bursting. It had only been a month and a half since we’d last seen each other, but it felt like decades. She goes to school in New York City while I’m in South Carolina, and the distance makes everything harder. It’s not like we had anything super exciting planned. No raging parties or spur-of-the-moment trips to Disney World. Just some good old quality time – just what I needed during this super stressful time of my life.

We ended up having the most perfect three days. We went shopping at Target, ate Chick-fil-A while sitting in my car in the parking lot, did a photoshoot on Sullivan’s Island in the freezing cold wind, and ate more than should be humanly possible. It might sound boring to some people, but it was just so lovely to be back together with my BFF.

I’m so grateful to have someone in my life who is always there for me, even though we’re hundreds of miles away from each other physically. It really makes me appreciate her friendship and makes all of our visits thousands of times more fun. We’re weird together, we laugh a lot, and we know how to have fun. What more could a girl ask for?

I know that the semester doesn’t always go how you thought it would. But for me at least, it’s wonderful to know that I have people out there who care about me no matter what. (Thanks for visiting, Allie – I love you!) Make sure you tell your best friend that you love them, and keep your heads held high, collegiettes. We’re in the home stretch – don’t give up now!

All photos courtesy of Ebby Bowles.


I'm a senior English major with a concentration in Creative Writing at CofC originally from Boston. I'm also a member of the Honors College, Literati, and HSA here at the College. I love libraries, Target, and exploring; and I am way too emotionally invested in fictional characters. I'm currently leaving the love of my life (the ocean) behind to study abroad in London for the semester.    
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