The Best Coffee Shops in Charleston

Are you stuck on Starbucks, or can you branch out and try new coffee shops? If you are a coffee lover who wants to venture out, here are a few of my favorite coffee shops in the heart of Charleston.

  1. 1. Kudu Coffee & Craft Beer

    Kudu Coffee is right near the College of Charleston on the corner of St Phillip Street. Not only does the coffee taste rich and creamy, but the shop is also dog friendly! You can order your favorite latte and sit outside with your furry friend.

  2. 2. City Lights Coffee

    City Lights Coffee is right near Market Street. It’s small and quaint, and you can enjoy a nice latte while indulging in your favorite book. The interior has a vintage style, and it’s just the perfect spot downtown.

  3. 3. Tricera Coffee

    Tricera Coffee is on George Street. If you like bagels and coffee, it’s an easy grab-and-go on your way to class or work. It’s right around the corner from the beautiful campus, and five steps from King Street.

  4. 4. Caviar & Bananas

    Caviar & Bananas is another great spot. It’s also on George Street and it offers dine-in service with plenty of delicious food. It’s a great coffee shop to sit down and do your homework and study with your friends.

  5. 5. Skinny Dip

    Skinny Dip was the cutest coffee restaurant on the busy King Street. Unfortunately, it has closed down but there was a clothing store connected to it, and it even had a rooftop bar. It was definitely of my favorite coffee shops!

What would we do without coffee? These are definitely some great coffee shops downtown, and of course, there are plenty of Starbucks around. If you are in the mood for Dunkin, you’ll have to take a nice drive across the bridge into Mount Pleasant area.

Coffee always helps me during the day; I am such a busy college student and I’m so lucky to have all of these amazing coffee shops right around the corner. If you are trying to budget and save your money, I would set aside at least five or ten dollars a week for your cup of coffee. Usually, I will go to Starbucks (or another coffee shop) on the weekend, and make my coffee at home during the week. It also makes going out for coffee much more exciting when you save it for the weekend. These are just some of my tips and ideas I’ve learned along the way!