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The Best Allergy and Vegan Friendly Brunch in Charleston

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at C of C chapter.

Basic Kitchen has always been one of my go-to restaurants in Charleston. It’s super close to campus and they have delicious veggie bowls and burgers, including both vegan and meat-lover friendly options. When I want to splurge on my lunch one day, this is where I go. One late Saturday morning, I found myself by Basic Kitchen. I walked in and made the greatest discovery, Basic Kitchen has brunch. They have options for everyone! Whether you are vegetarian, dairy-free, celiac, vegan, or you can eat whatever you want, there is something for you here. Below I have listed some brunch favorites according to my boyfriend and me.

1. Gluten Free Banana Bread

When you have celiac disease, you don’t really expect to eat bread out anymore, or even good bread anywhere. This is the best banana bread I have ever had, gluten-free or not. They serve it with the most delicious mascarpone butter that gives it the perfect added sweetness. I will go in on a weekend morning just to order this bread to go.

2. Conscious Cowboy

This is a twist on traditional eggs, grits, potatoes, and sausage breakfast. The cauliflower grits may seem like a weird concept, but they are delicious and my southern boyfriend gives them the thumbs up. Even if eggs aren’t your thing, the chicken sausage can be added to any dish as a side and they are amazing!

3. Avocado Toast

This one is a classic option that you just can’t go wrong with. Their avocado is smooth and tasty.

4. Vegan Nachos

The vegan nachos are an all time favorite of mine at Basic Kitchen. They are served both at lunch and brunch. The cashew “cheese” sauce is so flavorful that you wouldn’t even think about wanting real dairy cheese instead. These are great to get as a starter to share with your friends.

In addition to the food, Basic Kitchen also has amazing beverages. You can get classics like mimosas or try something new like a beet margarita. Not 21 yet like me? No worries! Basic Kitchen has many delicious non-alcoholic beverages such as their Kombucha on tap or a fun seasonal spritz.

To look at more options check at their menu: https://basickitchen.com/brunch

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