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The Benefits of Moving In Early

  I have to admit, I am not a sorority girl, nor am I an RA, so I’ve had no need to move in early till this year when I started working with the college student center. I had to move in early for the job training. There was no one there but me and my mom; no one else had moved into my suite and hardly anyone had moved into the dorm as a whole. I thought that I was gonna be lonely or that it would be too much for my mom and me to handle on our own. However, looking back I have to say that moving in early comes with benefits. 

1) More Space 

On a normal move in day to any dorm, especially during your freshman year, things get chaotic: there’s parents, siblings, friends, and not to mention your roommate’s group. When you move in early, you have all the space in the world to unpack and organize at your own pace and with plenty of space to shift boxes all over the place. 

2) More Time 

 With not that many people around and it is an unofficial move-in day, there’s not that sense of rush to finish. With four extra days before the rest of the campus moves in, you have all the time in the world to build your own personal dorm room palace just to your own speculations.  

3) Stake Your Claim. 

 I know we’re all thinking it, might as well just say it. Getting to the dorm first means that the best bathroom or the best bedroom is yours for the taking. If everything already has dibs, then think of it as a way to add your own little touches to all the common areas. When everyone gets there you already have a jump start at making the place feel like home. 

4) Avoid the Move in Traffic 

 Move in is tough, especially in Charleston. There’s plenty of narrow streets, one-way roads, and plenty of old buildings. Not to mention the thousands of other students and their families in their cars. Moving in early removes the crowds as well as the traffic. What used to be a hectic drive and a scramble to find parking turned into a leisurely trip down to the coast.

5) Get to Know the Campus

  Even if you’re returning, it doesn’t hurt to get to know the campus again, get to know the old hunts, find your classes, load up on some food and discover some new hideaways. When the first day of classes rolls around, you’ll walk up like a boss. 

6) Emotional Privacy

 Move in is an emotional time, whether you’re leaving home for the first time or the fourth, it’s still hard to watch your family drive away. Now that you’re all alone you don’t have to worry about hiding it away. Cry, scream, jump for joy whatever your feeling let it out, it’s a new year and fresh start. 

7) Make Yourself at Home. 

  If you’re still worried about a couple of days alone, and I will admit that empty dorms can get a little spooky, then don’t worry about it. Pop in a movie, or have some friends over and wait it out. Basically, get cozy and make yourself at home. When your roommates join the party you’ll already be all set up and ready for a new year. 

My name is Abby Stahl, I am a sophomore majoring in Upper English Education and Theater here at the College of Charleston. Originally I'm from Greenville South Carolina and I have been a proud writer and actor for a majority of my life.
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