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Ben Thompson ’15

If spending lazy days at Folly or attending electronic concerts rank among some of your favorite pasttimes, you’ll definitely want to strike up a conversation with this week’s campus cutie.  This native Rhode Islander with a passion for playing basketball is a member of the Trail Blazers, CofC’s reigning Intramural Basketball champions.  This semester, he will be returning to the court to reclaim the title while hitting the books for his many Communications classes.  During his free time, you can find this self-proclaimed sweetheart taking advantage of the beautiful Lowcountry weather.

Name: Ben Thompson

Hometown: Jamestown, RI

Class: Sophomore

Major: Communications

Relationship Status: Single

What brought you down to College of Charleston, and what do you miss most about home?

First, the weather down here is completely beautiful, so different from the northern winters.  Back home, I miss my family and friends.  It’s funny, I miss the beaches at home.  Rhode Island has some great beaches to go to in the summer, the sand is softer and the water is less murky than down here. I’m a lifeguard at a beach back home during the summer.

What Charleston beach can we find you at on a sunny spring day?

You can find me with a bunch of friends on Folly, probably around 9th or 10th street.

What’s a favorite hobby or pastime of yours?

I was on the basketball team in high school, and our team ended up winning the state championship.  I was a Junior and Senior captain.  When I came to CofC,  I found a bunch of cool guys to play basketball with, and we formed an intramural team.  We ended up becoming the intramural champions here last year, and we’re back playing again this semester.

Tell us two things about you that wouldn’t come up in normal conversation.

I have a brother who lives in the Virgin Islands.  He has brown curly hair that is about 2 1/2 feet long, and I went to go visit him over break; it was awesome.  Also, I’m a real sweetheart once you get to know me.

What do you intend on doing with your Communications degree after your time here at C of C?

I would like to study Audiology, which would be a graduate program.  Audiology is the study of hearing.  My mom is a Speech Pathologist, which is a similar field.  I’d like to go to graduate school in San Diego.

Most underrated hang-out spot around campus:

In Stern Gardens, where the bamboo terrace is.  It’s definitely an underrated spot, I like to chill out over there.

Favorite class taken thus far at C of C?

Easy.  Spanish 190 which I’m currently in with fellow Campus Cutie Nick Maylander.

What kinds of music are you into?

I really like going to electronic concerts.  My favorite kinds of music include electronic, hip-hop, reggae, and I can definetly chill out to some acoustic.

Best concert you’ve been to in the past year?

I went to BassLights in Virginia (Bassnectar and Pretty Lights) with some of my friends from back home.  That concert was awesome, it definitely changed my whole perspective on music.

Camilla States is a member of the class of 2015 at The College of Charleston.  She hails from the seaside town of Gloucester, Massachusetts, where she enjoys spending her summers on both land and sea.  A Communications major also pursuing a minor in Political Science, Camilla aspires for a future career in broadcast or print journalism. She is also studying Modern Standard Arabic, with hopes of one day becoming proficient in the language. From a young age, Camilla has held a fascination for world geography and foreign cultures.  She hopes to someday traverse the world, from New England to New Zealand and everywhere in between.
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