Is Being a Doctor Overrated?

To become a doctor, you have to go through four years of undergrad, four years of medical school, and two of residency. Along with this, you put yourself through so much stress and so much debt. Is the career really worth the money? Are you going to be happy? Why go through all of this? There are so many reasons why you should not become a doctor, but there are also so many pros of becoming an outstanding member of the medical field. There are so many other responsibilities that come with being an MD. You have so much paperwork to do, you have to obey the health insurance policies, and you are constantly in fear of malpractice costs and lawsuits. Most of the times, even if you want to help patients, you can’t because healthcare might not pay for those procedures and treatments. What do you do then? What is the point of acquiring those skills if you won’t be able to treat everyone? How can you live with yourself knowing that you have the ability to help someone, but are not allowed to? The thing is that, yes this does happen a lot, but knowing that you can help change so many lives overweighs the fact that some won’t be treated. Seeing the families and the patients live longer and happier than they would have before meeting you will change the way you view the world. Seeing the smiles and knowing that you touched so many lives and hearts is the biggest thing of it all. Not everyone is capable of acquiring all of the skills and patience to become a doctor, and if you are able to, then why settle for less? Just think of everyone that you will influence and how much of an impact you will have on the people around you. Everyone needs a doctor, and you can be the person that changes a life or gives someone motivation. So, no, being a doctor may come with a lot of cons, but the pros definitely outdo them. If you have the skills to become one, do not give up and settle for less, because someone needs you to help them.