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Being a Conservative Woman in a Liberal World

Women have always had it rough. We all know this, or at least we should. Women have been fighting for a long time for the things that they believe in. However in today’s society there’s a certain group of women that other women don’t have an issue with trashing or degrading—conservative women. As conservative young women, we are asked the same questions over and over or are met with degrading comments continuously.  

“Why do you hate yourself?”

“So you’re okay with men being above you?”

“I’m sorry your family brainwashed you.”

“You voted for Trump? You must be racist, xenophobic, fascist etc.”

“So you don’t believe in birth control?”

“Why are you so against other women?”

“You’re what’s wrong with women in today’s society.”

“Why do you hate LGBT people, people of color, people of different religions etc. ?”

“Wait you didn’t vote for Hillary, how could you be so anti-woman?”

“Feminism is failing because of you.”

“You’re the reason racism is a bigger issue.”

“So, like, were you allowed to even about think growing up?”

“Oh my god, you’re such a bigot.”

Alright, enough is enough. First of all, the following has been said, in different wording, to myself and many other brave conservative women who share their views and refuse to just go with the flow in the name of feminism. Don’t get me wrong I’m all for feminism. I’m all about raising up other women and supporting each other, but do any of the things said above sound like something a woman who believes in that would say? They don’t.

Conservative reporter Tomi Lahren (who is a hard working boss lady who has her own show at age twenty-four) is often criticized for being mad, outraged, for not agreeing with others, and many other things people don’t agree with. However, if you watch her show you learn she’s not mad but it’s just her tone of voice, it’s how she as a passionate young woman talks. Tell me does that sound like feminism to you? Especially when you look at the comments on her videos from “feminist women.”

Politics is not about agreeing with everyone. That’s the reason we have different parties. But in today’s age, especially driven by liberal Hollywood, if you don’t agree you’re blacklisted. There’s this stigma that you have to be a liberal, you have to vote for the side the media wants or you’re wrong. In my experience, that’s not how it works. That’s not how our country was meant to be, those aren’t the ideals our country was founded on, and the manipulating the media has done in regards to the election twists things to not even agree with the constitution at times. For example, the popular vote –– which had people protesting for weeks and blocking streets, causing people to not even be able to work and in one case causing a woman to die in the ambulance –– was made up by the media and was never a true part of our voting system. Yet there are people screaming about the unfairness of it (in addition to all of the previous statements).  

Being a conservative woman in today’s society is like walking on eggshells. In fact, college republicans across the country were fearing for their safety after the election. Let me tell you for us all, we’re sick of people assuming things about us. Just because we have different opinions on national defense, government spending and what issues should be under government control does not mean we deserve any of the negative derogatory words or phrases thrown at us. And to plead with you a bit, the more women do alienate conservative women, the more conservative women stray from being interested in other ideals. For example, pro-life women not being allowed to march in the Women’s Marches coming up is a perfect example. Not all conservative women are pro-life, not all liberal women are pro-abortion, so why alienate these women for a popular conservative ideal that has come into play because of their religion or moral compass.

I’ve been trying to figure out for a long time when it became okay to alienate others for their political beliefs. I can’t find out when or how it happened though. It’s such a different ideal to be on the opposite side, while yes, the entire country proved they wanted a majority Republican in this election, there are constant doubts and hateful actions aimed towards republicans––especially young republican women. There are times, I’ve worn my “College Republican” shirt and feared that I would be harassed. And the more people tell me these things trying to con or sway me towards the opposite side, the more conservative I become. I get more tired ot it everyday with how other women and sometimes men attack conservative women in the name of “feminism,” “liberalism” or whatever it is at the time. In fact, it’s proven the so many people are sick and tired of this liberal elitism––as Meryl Streep now famously proved––because Donald Trump is the next president of the United States of America. There isn’t a hatred from the conservative side, it’s exhaustion of not having hope and being called something ridiculous because we disagree.

Being a conservative woman does not mean I don’t support other girls, other women, other religions, other genders, other orientations or anything like that. It’s that I have different views than what the media pushes or thinks that most of the country believes in (which many are now seeing is not the case). It’s about believing in the constitution, what the country was founded on, making sure our country is protected for our future and the future of the generation to come. It’s believing all issues are women’s issues, that there shouldn’t be something called a gender issue because it should be everyone’s issue. It’s about believing in separation of personal life and government and that the government shouldn’t be big. Most of all being a conservative woman does not mean I or any other should be considered anti-woman or people because of who we vote for.

A future historian who has a love of all things pink, a serious coffee addiction, and a passion to spread self-love. 
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