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Happy Bach Season!! As a newly devout Bachelorette and Bachelor watcher, I thought I would give everyone a highlight reel of what happened on October 13th’s premiere.

Season 16 is going to be one for the books, it seems. Clare Crawley, 39, came on the show looking to find love as any contestant would. However, this season is not going to be typical. Before Clare can even knock the 31 guys down to 23, there is already tension in the mansion. 

Here is a list of all 31 of the contestants competing for Clare’s heart:

  1. Ben
  2. Riley
  3. Zac C
  4. Jordan M
  5. Jason 
  6. Ivan 
  7. Kenny
  8. Brendan
  9. Mike
  10. Jeremy
  11. Blake Monar
  12. Tyler C
  13. Bennett
  14. Blake Moynes
  15. Chris
  16. AJ
  17. Joe
  18. Garin
  19. Robby
  20. Eazy
  21. Jay
  22. Chasen
  23. Demar
  24. Ed
  25. Yosef
  26. Jordan C
  27. Zach J
  28. Brandon
  29. Dale
  30. Page
  31. Tyler S

As these men are stepping out of their limos (or station wagons or Rolls-Royces), one, in particular, makes Clare say something no other Bachelorette has said before. After her first meeting with Dale, she tells the cameras and Chris Harrison that she feels she just met her husband. After only a minute with him, she already feels a significant connection. Previews allude to this possibly causing chaos in upcoming episodes, someone even goes as far as to say she “blew up the Bachelorette.”  Rumor has it, she falls so hard and fast for Dale, she simply tells all the other men to go home and cuts the season short! 

Between the first impressions and the rose ceremony, tensions arise between Tyler C. and Yosef. Tyler C. warns the other men in the house of Yosef, claiming he distantly knows a girl whom Yosef was getting chatty with over quarantine. Yosef decided to bring this to Clare’s attention and hit the nail on the head, but Clare took it a step further by bringing both men outside to talk it out. Yosef defended himself and swore he did not have a girlfriend. Eventually, Clare left to go talk to other contestants and left these two to talk it out.  

The third major event of the first episode was Blake M. actually broke one of the big rules of the show! Prior to filming, he found Clare on Instagram and DMed her! Apparently, this wasn’t enough to get him booted by producers, and especially not by Clare. She expressed gratitude for the gesture. 

At the rose ceremony, Clare Crawley had to make a difficult decision to send 8 contestants home. This decision was made more difficult since she wasn’t able to have time with all 31 of them. Her first pick to move forward was the recipient of the infamous first impression rose, Dale! This came as no shock. Also joining her group of 23 was rule-breaker Blake M. and Yosef, despite his possible quarantine cutie. Tyler C. did not make the cut; however, it is not clear if this nix was due to his drama with Yosef or not.  

After the two-hour premiere, here is who remains: 

  1. Ben
  2. Riley 
  3. Zac C
  4. Jason 
  5. Ivan
  6. Kenny
  7. Brendan
  8. Blake Monar
  9. Bennet 
  10. Blake Moynes
  11. Joe
  12. Garin
  13. Eazy
  14. Jay
  15. Chasen
  16. Demar
  17. Ed
  18. Yosef
  19. Jordan C
  20. Zach J
  21. Brandon
  22. Dale
  23. Tyler S


Hello! Ashlyn is a sophomore at the College of Charleston majoring in Marketing! She enjoys working out, taking pictures, laughing with her best friends, baking, and travelling. She's from Seneca, SC, but is so happy to now call Charleston home! Is there something you are curious about or woud like her to write about? Just want to be friends? Connect with her through Instagram: @ashlyn.fs or by email: shirleyaf@g.cofc.edu.