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Multiple times throughout my day I see the number 111 repeated over and over again. Whether the time is 1:11, my total at a store is one dollar and eleven cents (maybe I was buying gum), or the length of a song that I like is one minute and eleven seconds. This number catches my eye too many times throughout the day for it to be a coincidence. 

Repeating numbers in groups of three are referred to as angel numbers. These numbers are messages from spirit guides about the current path that you are on in life. You can assign these spiritual guides to angels, guides, ancestors, spirits, or a higher state of your own consciousness. These numbers have multiple different meanings to different people but these explanations are my personal views of the angel numbers. Let’s take a look at the meanings of angel numbers. 


The angel number 000 is associated with new opportunities and a fresh start. If you are seeing this number repetitively, it is time to start making bold choices in your life!


(My personal angel number!) The angel number 111 is a sign that you are on the right path in life. Your spiritual guides are working together to create a past, present, and future that are all working together in a grand plan. 


The angel number 222 is associated with trust and balance. Specifically, a balance between your past and present. This angel number may show up when healing has finally begun. 


The angel number 333 is a sign of positive growth. It is also an indication that prayers or manifestations have been heard. Fun fact, this is actually the only angel number that relates to divinity. 


The angel number 444 is a sign to trust your intuition. You are on the right path and if not you will put yourself on it. It is also associated with love, meaning a love from your angels. 


The angel number 555 means that change is coming. This change will be good but also necessary for your life to be on the right path. Good luck!


This angel number is not a bad omen like most people think. This number means that you are yet to tap into your full potential. This number is also associated with romantic love. Open up your heart and mind to new possibilities and don’t let fear hold you back.


The angel number 777 means that major spiritual shifts are about to take place in your life. This angel number is a very good sign as it brings great opportunities.


The angel number 888 is related to success and good financial luck. It is a reward from the angels for all the hard work that you have put into your life. So enjoy it!


The angel number 999 is associated with wisdom and maturity. One cycle of your life is ending and another one is beginning. This may be a hard change but it is necessary. 

Angel numbers are important and should not be ignored if you want to become the best version of yourself. These angel numbers are meant to guide you through life, but I think that it is important to note that no one can control your life but yourself. You can decide how you want to interpret angel numbers and incorporate them into your life. Let your angels speak to you.

Emily Coker

C of C '25

My name is Emily Coker and my passion is photography as well as social media networking. I love nature and inspiring others to embrace their natural beauty. My vibes are boho with a spice of material girl on random days.