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All the Products from Cassie’s 4 AM Morning Routine on “Euphoria”

In episode four of “Euphoria'” season two we get to see the personal lives of many of the characters. We see the teenage life of Cal, Lexi’s “observer” outlook on life, and Cassie’s extensive skincare routine. Cassie is a hyper-feminine teenage girl who is dying to be seen. She is deeply in love with the antagonist, Nate Jacobs, who we know from season one loves hyper-feminine individuals. In this episode, we see Cassie do anything she can to get Nate’s attention – even if that means waking up at 4 am to get ready for school.

This 4 am routine consists of every skincare trick in the book. She does everything from dry brushing all the way to under-eye mask. It takes her almost four hours to get ready for school?!?! It is absolutely insane, but I and everyone else on Tik Tok is intrigued. With that being said, I have made an extensive list of all the tools and products Cassie used in her 4 am morning routine. So get your amazon ready – we’re about to become Cassie!

Well, that is the very long list of products Cassie uses in her 4 am routine. Here’s to Euphoria, Cassie, and most importantly, skincare!

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