Abortion Bans in SC

This Tuesday, September 10th, the South Carolina Senate Medical Affairs subcommittee will be hearing Bill H 3020.  Also known as the 6-week abortion ban, this bill is being pushed through the senate outside of the legislative session in an effort for the government to put extreme restrictions on women’s bodies.  Not only would this bill prevent abortion at 6 weeks (some women don’t even know that they are pregnant at this point) but it would create criminal penalties for abortion in some cases. Similar bills have been introduced in Missouri, Georgia, Mississippi, Texas, Kentucky, Ohio, and Tennessee.  These states already make it difficult for women to receive contraception. What baffles me is that some of the same individuals who are against abortion are also against contraception. In my travels during the recent “hurrication,” I had an encounter with a woman who told me that “Abortion was not ok...but if women can’t stay home and take care of their own babies they shouldn’t have them.''  Now, I’m aware that not all families can survive on one income, and for some families, their socio-economic situation just doesn’t allow for that privilege, but to say that those who can’t shouldn’t have children is just about the most absurd thing I’ve ever heard...I don’t think I need to explain myself there. Unplanned pregnancy happens! Especially in the states where these bills are present. Sex education is lacking in many states where some schools don’t even discuss it, or they teach abstinence-only, ignoring it doesn’t prevent it, people. One thing has been true since the beginning of time- people are going to have sex, and women will get pregnant.  Instead of avoiding the topic or teaching that sex is a sin, young people should be educated about how to take care of and respect their bodies, about how to be safe when they do have sex...because, as I mentioned...it will happen, and about the responsibility and consequences that come along with being sexually active. Having open, honest dialogue, learning how to use contraceptives early, and providing access to birth control would prevent unplanned pregnancy, and in some cases prevent abortions...which should be a woman's choice?! So why are some states still so insistent on no sex education, and no abortion? The concept is almost an oxymoron. We are approaching the year 2020...it’s about time we change the conversation...then there wouldn’t be a need for restrictive bills like H 3020.