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9 Struggles of Allergy Season (and 7 Remedies!)

It’s springtime here in Charleston!  Which means beach days, tank tops, farmer’s markets and… pollen.  Lots of pollen. 

While for some the outdoors in springtime is a source for pleasure, for others, it is a source of stuffy noses, congested sinuses, and scratchy throats.  If you’ve been in Charleston during pollen season, you’ve definitely faced some of these challenges. 

1. It’s a beautiful day outside, but you have to stay inside.

2. When you want nothing more than a breeze, you can’t open the windows.

3. No more joyrides with the windows down.

4. When you walk outside for too long, it looks like you’re crying.

5. As a result, you can forget about your eye makeup being on point.  Time to break out the waterproof mascara.

6. You have to clear your throat all the time. No, I’m not trying to passive aggressively get your attention.

7. It feels like the volume is turned down, because your ears are so stuffed up.

8. Going outside = instant headache! It kinda feels like this … 

9. Also, your car is now covered in gunk.  Okay this isn’t exclusive to people with allergies.

Dealing with allergies may be hard, but they can be easy to treat. Here are some quick remedies:

1. Daily antihistamine such as Zyrtec or Claratin. Studies have also shown that starting to take a daily antihistamine a few months before the pollen count starts climbing is a good way to prevent awful allergies.

2. Decongestants. Pretty self-explantory. They help with some of the symptoms.

3. Drinking tea or a hot beverage. This is a good quick fix for congestion.  The steam from the tea loosens mucous in your sinuses, relieving that stuffed up feeling you have.  Also, if you get a minty blend, it can help to soothe your throat.

4. Taking a long, hot shower. 

The steam acts the same way as a cup of tea does.


5. Febreze Fragrance Spray with Allergen Reducers. Just spritz some of this in your room when you’re not feeling 100 percent.  Not only does it reduce allergens, such as the pollen that you may bring in with you, but it also smells pretty good.

6. Saline Nasal Spray. This is a great way to relieve irritated sinuses. Irritation often comes from the dryness of the sinuses, so a couple sprays of a saline solution help to moisten them a bit. Also, spraying it and then blowing your nose is a good way to get pollen out of your nasal passages after being outside.

7. Taking a break from the outdoors.  If your starting to feel icky, give the outdoors a day off. Even just a few hours away from pollen makes you feel a lot better.

Alex is a sophomore in the Honors College at the College of Charleston.  She majors in English with a concentration in creative writing.  In her spare time, she enjoys writing poetry, fiction, and songs, reading, drinking her own body weight in coffee and tea, playing guitar, singing, and enjoying the great outdoors!