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9 Reasons Why YOU Should Be Excited For October

As September comes to an end, so does out last little bit of summer. But don’t despair! The beginning of October means the start of fall. While our bech days may be numbered, our days of drinking hot chocolate and snuggling up under our blankets are just about to begin. Here are nine things that make October the best month of the year.


1. Halloween (obviously).


2. Pumpkin flavored everything. 

Think this pumpkin scone looks delicious? Check out the recipe!


3. ABC Family’s 13 Nights of Halloween

Click here to see this year’s full schedule.


4. It’s socially acceptable to wear sweaters every day.

…Almost. It is Charleston after all.


5. Halloween candy.


6. Halloween candy ON SALE.

We can’t all afford full-priced candy. Let’s be real, college is expensive. 


7. All of your favorite TV shows come back this month.


8. Pumpkin carving.


9. Fall Break.

The real MVP.




I'm a senior English major with a concentration in Creative Writing at CofC originally from Boston. I'm also a member of the Honors College, Literati, and HSA here at the College. I love libraries, Target, and exploring; and I am way too emotionally invested in fictional characters. I'm currently leaving the love of my life (the ocean) behind to study abroad in London for the semester.    
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