8 Ways to Upgrade your Study Routine

  1. Make a Kahoot. My teachers used this review game in high school and it was actually helpful and fun. Grab some study buddies to play with you! Making the questions will help you review even before you play the game!

  2. Make your notes pretty. I love to use colored pens, highlighters, and sharpies to make my notes a little nicer to look at. I like to use a dry erase board or the ~fancy~ fonts in Microsoft word to make it easier on the eyes. Also, studies have shown that color coordinating improves memory.

  3. Find a new spot. The library and your dorm room are great, but a new scene and some beautiful fall weather might be a nice change.

  4. Take tiny breaks after you get a good flow going. Studies show that you usually remember the first and last things you studied best. A break in between will help split up the info that would normally get lost in the middle.

  5. Teach the material to someone else. Your “student” can ask you questions and you will be able to tell how well you understand the material.

  6. Check out some podcasts or audiobooks that are relevant to the material. Listening while you are at the gym or doing laundry might help more than you think.

  7. Get some healthy snacks and a motivational playlist going.

  8. Take advantage of your senses; Read out loud. It might feel weird, but hearing the content will help you catch your mistakes. Hearing the material will help reinforce what you have already written down.