The 8 Types of Breakups We'll All Experience

We love, we fight, we make up or we breakup. These are the cycles we go through as girls in our teens and twenties. Even though the relationship may not have ended in the happy ending we hoped for, each one has its own special meaning. Here are some breakups you may have experienced, but help remind you that in the end its about YOU and what's best.  

The ghost breakup 

Everything was fine, and then they just disappeared. At first you are super confused, then you wonder what you did wrong, and then you get really angry. Just remember it is their LOSS! 

The “I cheated” breakup 

Need we say more? 

The breakup you don’t want

You didn't want this but it happened anyway. You are heartbroken and you had no control over the situation. Get in bed, put fuzzy pants on, press play on a movie, and get your favorite ice cream. It will get better. 

The breakup where you are happy

You can’t believe it! It’s actually over! Yeah it’s sad but you weren’t happy and now you're doing a happy dance at this very moment!

The breakup all your friends wanted 

All your friends have been telling you he's not good enough for months. When you finally break up your friends are ecstatic. They only want what’s best for you and their happy dance proves to you that you did the right thing.

The "oh crap I messed up" breakup 

You thought you wanted to be single, but were you wrong! The breakup lasts less than a week. You freak out and hope they will get back together with you.

The first love breakup

The first breakup is always the worst. It’s the breakup where you listen to all the sad Adele songs. It is also the breakup where you find out who you are, it is a time to reflect on the relationship,work on yourself, and move forward. 

The one where you're the dumper 

You feel like an awful person. You broke someone’s heart, you feel like the villain in the movie, but that's ok. You care more about yourself and that’s ok.