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8 Reasons We’re All Obsessed With ‘Euphoria’

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The HBO hit television show Euphoria has taken the world by storm. The show first aired in 2019 with its debut season with eight episodes. The show was an instant hit, and it maintained a substantial fan base through the pandemic. Euphoria is a show that gives it viewer an immersive experience into a small town high school life. HBO released the second season in early January and once again is taken the world by storm. Euphoria is dominating the social media space including TikTok, Reddit, and even Spotify. EVERYONE is talking about it! Maybe you’re wondering why you-and everyone else in the world- is obsessed with Euphoria? Well, here are eight reasons why.

Let’s get into it.

  1. The Producers. Euphoria is produced by the rising to fame entertainment company, A24. This is an indie entertainment company that is known for its cinematography, aesthetics, and amazing plots. A24 is the filmmaking company behind a plethora of extremely loved films including Midsommar, Lady Bird, The Florida Project, and Euphoria. Most fans that watch the films become instant fans of A24, and you should be too!
  2. The Visuals. This show is known for being one of the most aesthetically pleasing shows that has ever graced one’s screen. Most of the viewership fell in love with the show because of the way it looked. This concept spans from the colors used in their lighting and all the way to the colors in the eyeshadow. The audience also enjoys the camera work in the shows. The newest season was actually filmed in Kodak’s 35 mm Ektachrome film which has been applauded by the film industry. Using this type of film feeds into their visual effects that everyone loves.
  3. The Easter Eggs. If you are a person that loves easter eggs hidden throughout a storyline, Euphoria is your show. They have hidden gems that hint into future plots all throughout the firsts episodes. Each time you rewatch an episode, you are almost guaranteed to find a hidden easter egg!
  4. The Immersive Experience. One thing this show does well is making you feel that you have lived it or you are living it. The town that Euphoria is set in has no name. They wanted the show to not be an actual place so no audience member felt a disconnect. All we know is that it is a suburb with a large city near. This is really unique when comparing this show to others. They keep the actual houses, malls, and other areas very simple so the viewer could easily imagine themselves there.
  5. The Characters. The characters and their storylines are the second most attractive thing about this show, first is the actors. The cast was handpicked for their roles whether they audition or were picked up off the street. Also many of the characters take pointers from the life their actor or actresses life. The characters endure many scenario and mental challenges everyone goes through including insecurities, self awareness, and many other things. Personally, the characters I connect with the most are Cassie and Kat for some of the things they go through.
  6. The Music. If I could hug anyone in this world, it would be whoever is in charge of curating the music for Euphoria. The musical range in this show is also what is truly impeccable. In one scene you might be listening to Solange to the next scene be something by Steely dan. The music fits perfectly into every scene and also gives more information about what’s really going on (EASTER EGGS FOR SURE). The producers and sound team also partnered with Labrinth to create many character theme songs and other hits.
  7. The Makeup. One of the main reasons Euphoria gained so much traction was the Makeup. This show normalized the use of glitter and crystals in day to day makeup. I remember going to parties in 2019 that were Euphoria themed and literally putting 20 rhinestones on my eyes with blue glitter- and yes, you know I loved it. The makeup artist that curated most of the looks is Doniella Davy who is an absolute icon. These looks also enforce what the character is going through and how they are feeling. Thank you for the glitter Euphoria!
  8. The Community. The show itself is absolutely phenomenal, but the audience that follows it is too. On almost every social media platform you will find a community that is all things Euphoria. These are like minded people that want to tell their conspiracies, opinions, and vibes on everything Euphoria. Trust me, you could probably scream out the word “EUPHORIA” and some one will run up and talk to you about it.

I hope this article gives you insight on why you are obsessed with Euphoria, or why you should be.

Jaccie is an Arts Management major with a concentration in the Music Industry. Aside from academics, Jaccie is a DJ at the College of Charleston's radio station, CisternYard Radio. Jaccie is passionate about agriculture, music, mental health, comedy, shopping local and self expression. You can find Jaccie walking down king street with an iced coffee in hand or having a study break at the Battery. Jaccie is a Virgo sun, Taurus moon, and Pisces rising.
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