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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at C of C chapter.

I am definitely what some would call a makeup addict. I promise I’m working on it, but my addiction does have an upside for my friends– I’ve tried basically every product on the shelf and can give some pretty great recommendations and advice. During my journey of buying lots and lots of products by every brand imaginable, I found the holy grail when I started using Anastasia. I am a dedicated fan of the brand, and I honestly think nearly everything they put out is amazing. However, here’s eight products that stand out among the rest and deserve a spot in your makeup bag.

Modern Renaissance Palette

This palette is so versatile. It’s been my most-used palette for around 2 years now and I still love it. Raw Sienna and Warm Taupe are my go-to colors for everyday looks while Primavera, Love Letter, and Cyprus Umber are perfect for when you need a more dramatic look. However, all of the shadows are so beautiful and can fit any style you’re looking to create.

Brow Powder Duo

This is one of the best and most under-rated brow products EVER made in my opinion. Having two corresponding colors to fill your brows with is a game-changer and has saved me from “box” brows. So many beauty gurus rave about the DIPBROW® Pomade, but it just doesn’t create the natural finish this powder gives.


I know I just talked about how amazing the Brow Powder Duo is, and I still believe that, but I’m not gonna pretend the pomade gets so much hype for no reason. It’s perfect for when your brows need some extra help. The fact that it’s waterproof may be the best part. Plus, the fact you can honestly draw some new brows on with it, which ya know a girl has gotta do on occasion, is ideal.


Another brow product, are you surprised? I used to use Anastasia’s Tinted Brow Gel to set my makeup and keep my hairs in place, and before that, I used clear mascaras. When the DIPBROW® Gel was released, I turned my back and don’t plan on going back. The tint is perfect on its own or to help finish your makeup. The super tiny product brush makes it easy to apply with precision for a long-lasting bold brow look.

Stick Foundation

Moving away from brows (finally), the Stick Foundation is another essential product from this brand. The foundation can be as sheer or full coverage as you please. The direct application makes it easy to focus the coverage on problem areas if you don’t want a heavy feeling foundation. I wear it both ways depending on my mood, and I haven’t been disappointed with how my skin looks yet.

Sun Dipped Glow Kit

I’ve used so many different highlighters and nearly all of the Glow Kits, but the Sun Dipped Glow Kit is one of the best. The colors can work with any skin tone depending on the level of intensity you like on your skin. All of the shades are super pigmented and long-lasting, so you don’t have to worry about them coming off throughout the day.

Norvina Palette

I love this palette so much! The metallic shades are stunning and look amazing when paired with the matte shades. The colors blend so easily and look so beautiful. The only flaw in this palette is that the shades are packed very loosely due to the pigmentation and can be a little messy, but with a gentle hand and practice with the formula, this can be easily avoided.

Brush 7B – Dual-Ended Angled Brush

I know this isn’t a makeup product exactly, but this brush is amazing. I can’t use any other eyebrow/angled brushes because this one is so precise and great at blending. You just have to try it yourself, and your brows will thank you.

With so many makeup products out there, it can be difficult to find the best fit. But I haven’t been disappointed yet by any of these products, and if you’re looking for new go-to items to add to your kit, you can’t go wrong with Anastasia.

Zelda Proveaux is a freshman at the College of Charleston. She is majoring in Communications and wants to have a career in digital marketing. In her free time, Zelda enjoys listening to music and being around animals, especially cute pups!