7 Tips for Shopping at TJMaxx

A lot of us enjoy shopping and looking around stores like TJMaxx, Marshalls, Nordstrom, etc. We see the prices, and think of how much of an amazing deal we are getting, and that we are saving so much money. Here are some tips and tricks on how to shop smart at these stores, as well as some tricks that the stores use.

  1. 1. Know what each price tag means

    Depending on the color of the tag, you may want to snag the item up immediately or wait a week or two.

    White Sticker/No Sticker - Regular Price

    Purple Sticker - Runway Item

    Red Tag - Clearance Price

    Yellow Tag - Final Sal

  2. 2. Purple tags are runway items

    They are higher end items, and are thought of as ‘straight off the runway’.

  3. 3. There are no price adjustments

    If there is an item you think may be marked down further, and don’t want to pay for the original price of it I suggest waiting a week or two. It could be that it gets marked down, or marked down even further.

  4. 4. Feel free to ask for a manager

    If you see an issue with a furniture piece, say something! They will often give a discount, especially if it is something like a scratch, chipping, etc.

  5. 5. Don’t listen to the “compared to” prices

    It's best for you to do your own research to see if it is as great of a deal as they say because I have seen things marked at much higher prices than they were worth.

  6. 6. Use outside apps to check prices!

    For example, Amazon has a feature where you can scan in the bar code to search it on their site. It lets you know the price they sell the item for, so you can see if you’ll get a good deal.

  7. 7. Actually give your email

    If you shop online, sign up through email to receive free shipping, and occasionally an extra discount!

Make sure to also ask your local sales associate for what days they get in new shipments, and what days they do their markdowns. If they tell you, definitely show up early those days. Keep these simple tips in mind, and save some money!