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7 Signs You’re Ready AF for the Semester to End

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at C of C chapter.

Since the semester is a little more than half way over we can’t help but think about summer break. Lounging on the beach, sun on our skin and a drink in our hand. This school year has seemed to go by super slow and from Trump being elected to failing tests I think it is safe to say it is time for the academic year to come to a close. So what are the signs that we’re ready for the semester to be over?  Check out these GIFs that are us AF.                                                           

1. Hiding from our responsibilities​

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Waiting last minute to do a research paper, not ready for class… Yep sounds like the end of spring semester. 

2.  Always ready for Bed

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No matter how how many hours of sleep you get, you are always tired. The most important question of spring semester is if you should sleep in and skip class or nap right after it. 

3. Spring Break was a tease

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Spring break was a nice little tester for what summer is going to be like. No school, no homework and no waking up early.  What our dreams are made of.

4. Broke AF

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Safe to say at this point in the semester you have used all your money on club cover charges, eating out and random shopping sprees. It’s time to go home where it’s appropriate for our parents to pay for things and we can get free food. 

5. You miss your pet

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You spend those sleepless nights scrolling through all your photos of your dog wishing they were in bed with you.  Yup, sounds like us right about now.  Think our dogs will FaceTime with us?

6. Your roommates start to get on your nerves

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You love your roommates, heck they are your BFFs, but being around them 24/7 can get old (and is getting old real quick). Summer is a nice time for some alone time and we are craving it desperately.  

7. You actually miss your mom

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When you realize you miss your nagging, controlling, super nosey mother you know it’s time to pack up and head home for a few months.  Help us, Mom.  We’re not ready for this adulthood thing.  

We are so close to end of this grueling semester but we can make it through! Don’t lose hope, collegiettes.  We’re all in the same boat!

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