6 Simple Ways to Save Our Oceans

For those of us that are lucky enough to head to the beach between classes, go on sunset walks at the Battery or have a classroom in our backyard, we sometimes forget how much our lives would change if our ocean's marine life disappeared. Making a change is simple and there are so many ways we can help to preserve and cherish our oceans for years to come.  Try these: 

Change the type of suncreen you wear

Photo from Honest Company.

Oxybenzone is a UV-filtering chemical compound that is toxic to our ocean's coral reefs and damaging to adults if large amounts are used. It causes coral to bleach, cave in its own skeleton and die. This is extremely harmful to marine life as many animals homes are in coral reefs.  Before you go out in the sun, buy suncreen that is "reef safe" and doesn't harm you or our oceans! Some brands that are reef safe include: Badger, Honest Company and Reef Safe

Cover up holes in sand

Photo from The Island Packet.

This may seem crazy, but holes that little kids have dug in the sand are actually one of the many reasons that baby sea turtles don't make it to the ocean. If these holes are left overnight, baby sea turtles can be trapped inside and not be able to get out. If you see a hole, cover it up and that goes for if you dig one too.

Reduce the amount of plastic you use

Photo from Gwynns.

Plastic is extremely harmful to our oceans and environment because it is almost impossible for it to decompose. That means that whatever plastic you throw away will still be there 50 or more years later. Instead of buying plastic water bottles, buy one that is reusable! Marine life will not be affected by your reusable water bottle as much as plastic, as they sometimes mistake trash for food. 


Photo from the South Carolina Aquarium.

There are so many organizations out there that advocate to save our oceans. In fact, Her Campus CofC is selling t-shirts where 10% of the proceeds go to the South Carolina Aquarium. This will ensure that not only animals be rehabiliated but initiatives will be put in place to protect our oceans. If you don't want to buy a t0shirt, there are many organizations online that you can donate to. Some of my favorite organizations are Ocean Conservancy, Keiko Conservation and Sea Shepherd

Host or attend a beach clean up

Photo from the College of Charleston.

The cigarette butts or the trash we leave from a lunch on the beach will eventually end up in the ocean. Do your part by picking up trash when you see it or host a trash clean up to get more people involved! 

Raise awareness

Photo from Pinterest.

Speaking of getting more people involved, stand up for our oceans and our environment by talking to people about how much their impact influences a better future for the world to come! It's ultimately up to us to protect our oceans and the environment we live in today. Speak up and get out there to make a difference, no matter how big or small it is.

I hope this inspires you and shows you that what you do makes a difference in protecting the sea turtles, coral reefs and dolphins of our oceans. Incorporate these little things into your daily life to help save our oceans and environment.