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Traveling is one of the greatest things in the world. Exploring new places, meeting new people and eating extoic food is always a good time. However, getting to your destination might not always go as planned. Don’t make flying a nightmare. Here are the flying must haves anyone should have onboard a plane!

1. Neck pillow

Being 30,000 feet high above ground is exhausting. You are just sitting in one spot for multiple hours with a bunch of strangers- what can one do? Sleep! Having a neck pillow is a simple solution to get a refreshing nap and a way to pass time. Not to mention your neck will be supported and you won’t have to awkardly wake up drooling on the shoulder of the stranger sitting next to you.

2.  Earphones

Crying baby?  No problem. Having headphones is a must for flying. You can drown out noise, and it is an instant way to let your mind escape. Not to mention if you’re nervous while flying, you can distract your mind with some soothing music or a consuming podcast.

3. Sunglasses

Hungover from the night before? Trying not to make eye contact with the hot business man sitting next to you? Or are you just tired? Sunglasses are the solution. Not only are they chic but they are an easy cover up for almost anything. (Especially if the person in your row refuses to lower the blind and your flight is at sunrise or sunset.)

4.  Water

Flying makes your skin very dry and dehydrated. Due to TSA regulations a person cannot bring water through security but I would highly suggest buying a big bottle of water before boarding your plane (or bringing a refillable water bottle with you to fill up once you’re past security). 

5. Prepared Carry-on Bag

Always pack an extra pair of underwear, your toothbrush, medicine, chargers, passport, wallet and light makeup in your carry on bag. Flying can be unpredictable, luggage can be lost or it doesn’t make it to your destination on time. Having the basic esstentials with you is a survival tactic for frequent flyers and will save the day if anything does go awry.

6. Gum

Your ears will be blocked due to the altitude and gum is a simple solution to make your ears return to normal. Not to mention it’s always good to be prepared.  You never know who you’ll be sitting next to and you might need to have your breath minty fresh.

So there you have it collegiettes, the six esstential items someone should bring onboard a plane. Flying can be stressful enough, being prepared can make it more enjoyable.

Happy and safe travels! HCXO


I'm an animal rights advocate, world traveler, and pizza addict. Lover of new cultures and meeting new people.