5 Underrated Study Spots on Campus

Whenever you think of finals, you typically imagine many people crowded in a library with their coffee pulling all nighters. Yes, a lot of people do tend to gravitate towards the library for their studying, but I am not one of those people. As a result, I've studied at a variety of different places. These five places are definitely some spots to put on your radar.

5. CATO Fine Arts Center aka The Art Building

CATO is honestly a very good spot to get some work done, especially once you go up to the 2nd or 3rd floors. There's couches and tables up there that you can sit at and do your work, and it's fairly quiet as not many people go there.

4. RITA aka the Science Building

Okay, this may not be that underrated, but it's still a pretty good spot. Once you go up to the second and third floors there are plenty of tables and workspaces that you can go to, and some even have whiteboards. It's a fairly nice alternative to going to the library and yet not a lot of people take advantage of it.

3. Stern Center

This also may not be that underrated but it's not a place many people consider for studying. Most people go to Stern for the food court, any CAB events going on in the Ballroom, and maybe the game room. But there's a ton of seats throughout Stern that you can definitely do your work at when you wanna get out of your dorm.

2. Robert Scott Small or RSS

Most people only come here for classes or to go to the Counseling Center. But, there is the little lobby area on the second floor where you can work, and even on the first floor there are many seats available for a study session.

1. Rise 

Okay, technically this isn't on campus. However, it's less than five minutes from campus and a nice little spot. The Rise is a coffee shop located in the Restoration hotel, and attached to it is a little room where you can sit and do your work. It's a very quiet location as most people who are walking through are just hotel guests. They also have really good coffee and offer a student discount if you have your Cougar Card on you! They also offer a discount like how Starbucks does if you bring your own cup.

With finals approaching, it's essential to get out of your dorm room and find a place to focus. If you're sick and tired of Addlestone, check out one of these options and keep up the grind!