5 Travel Bloggers You Should Be Following Right Now

To all of the collegiettes out there who want nothing more than to escape their little bubbles and explore the world, this one is for you.

1. Endlessly Exploring

Image courtesy of Endlessly Exploring.

This was the first travel blog that ever compelled me to contact the author of the page. This blog is so freaking aesthetically pleasing! She has gone everywhere, and she must have a wonderful team of web designers working with her to make her travels as appealing as possible. Based in London, Endlessly Exploring is only 23 years old, and has already seen so much of the world. Definitely an inspiration for all of us with wanderlust in our blood!


2. The Blonde Abroad

Image courtesy of The Blonde Abroad. 

Perhaps one of the most famous travel blogs for women, The Blonde Abroad is constantly traveling. She combines her love of beauty and fashion with her passion for travel. What I love most about her blog is its organization. The main page isn’t even the blog, but instead a hub for travel tips. You can search on a world map by her destination, get information for specific demographics (like student travel or lone female travel), or search by activities and interests. If you’re planning a trip, don’t leave without checking out her advice.


3. A Broken Backpack

Image courtesy of A Broken Backpack. 

If you want to travel, but have a limited budget to do so, this blog was made for you. A Broken Backpack is known for her creative means of making her long-term goals of traveling the world a reality. If you want to travel, don’t let money hold you back. Take a look at her awesome advice, read her ‘inspiration’ page, and start saving now. The world is out there to explore!


4. World of Wanderlust

Image courtesy of World of Wanderlust. 

My favorite travel blog that has its own page dedicated to one of the most important aspects of traveling the world – food. While her blog also does a great job of displaying the awesome photos she’s taken worldwide, I must admit my serious love for her ‘eat’ page, which is subdivided into categories like coffee shops, recipes, and sweets. I also love the tagline of her page - “Home is wherever you rest your head.” Such a great motto to have when traveling!


5. Barefoot Blonde

Image courtesy of Barefoot Blonde. 

Though technically not a blog dedicated strictly to travel, the Barefoot Blonde, a.k.a. Amber Fillerup, is an Instagram sensation and well-known public icon. Her blog features sections on beauty, lifestyle, hair, and fashion – just to name a few. Her Instagram, @amberfillerup is so aesthetic that it’s crazy. She has two adorable kids, a cute husband, and spends her time blogging on books, the wonderful places she’s been, and how to be a successful wife and mother. If you want to get seriously inspired, check her out.

So get online and get planning. The world is just waiting to be explored!