5 Netflix Dramas Every Teen Girl Needs to Watch

One more episode and then I'll get started on my biology homework. Yeah right. We all know that one episode turns into three episodes and before we know it, we've finished season 3 in one night. It's super easy to get caught up in a Netflix binge, but we shouldn't feel ashamed that we've already blown through a season of our favorite show in a few hours.

However, the worst part of Netflix binging isn't how much we're procrastinating. It's deciding what show we're going to binge next. I had this problem when I finished One Tree Hill a couple of weeks ago and I'm not looking forward to finding a new show after I finish Gilmore Girls. (Yes, I'll admit I'm a picky Netflix binge watcher.) So, if you're anything like me, you can't choose any Netflix show. No, you need to binge watch something that centers around teen drama. Something that has romance and complex problems that the characters have to face.  It has to have a kick-ass female lead who you'll learn to fall in love with. 

Maybe these shows aren't realistic, but the lessons they teach will sure stick with you. Here are five of my favorite binge-worthy Netlfix teen dramas:

5. Hart of Dixie

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A lot of people haven't heard of this show but that shouldn't steer you away from watching. Hart of Dixie is about New York City doctor, Zoe Har,t who accepts an offer to move to the very small town of Bluebell, Alabama, and open a practice. Bluebell is an incredibly small town but that adds to the charm of the show. You'll fall in love with the wacky traditions of the town as well as the relationships between its residents. Expect love triangles, a clash between modernity and tradition, and seeing multiple characters grow and transform over the course of the show. You'll end up loving charcters that you hated and hating characters that you loved. And, above all, you'll appreciate how driven and independent the main lead Zoe Hart is. 

4. 90210

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Okay let's be clear here: I'm talking about the newer 2008 version. The show traces the lives of wealthy West Beverly Hills High School students during and after they graduate. 90210 has a lot of character transformations, which is why I fell in love with it. It also sheds light onto common social problems and issues that teens face today such as mental illnesses, loss of family members, sexual assault and drug addicitions. You'll find yourself torn between loving and hating certain characters during the show, but you'll really get a feel on how one of the main characters Naomi transforms and leads her life differently. 

3. Gilmore Girls

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I can't say much about Gilmore Girls because I'm only on season 2 but I already love this show. Gilmore Girls is about Lorelai Gilmore and her daughter Rory Gilmore who navigate life in the small town of Stars Hollow, Connecticut. This show is a little bit like Hart of Dixie becuase Stars Hollow and Bluebell are similar in terms of the different personalities that make up the town. This show also explores themes like family, friendships, relationships and social class. You'll love how different, eccentric and witty Lorelai is compared to calm and studious Rory. I absolutely love this show because it's so hilarious but is also very realistic. And btw, I can't get over how annoying yet weirdly funny Emily Gilmore is. 

2. One Tree Hill

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I just finished this show so there's a lot of emotion behind this one. I wasn't crazy about the first couple of episodes but by the finale of season 9, I couldn't let go. I still don't know if I'm team Lucas or team Nathan. I will admit that occassionally Dan Scott has his moments. All I know is that I wish I was like Hayley. And the transformation of Brooke Davis really surprised me because she turned out to be the strong and independent successful women, friend and mother that I knew she could be. Before I reveal any more info, let me tell you what One Tree Hill is about. OTH follows the lives of two brothers Nathan and Lucas in ther hometwon of Tree Hill, North Carolina. Tree Hill is like Bluebell and Stars Hollow but the characters aren't so quirky. If you're looking for a relatable and inspiring female lead, this show is for you. 

1. Gossip Girl

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My favorite show, Gossip Girl, is number one. The show is about the lives of wealthy Upper East Side students in Manhattan. Bascially, the whole show is about trying to find out who "Gossip Girl" is. The reveal will surprise you and you might be angry, but there definatly is a great story behind it. There is so much drama and suspense that it's hard not to binge watch GG. Although I like the drama and emotions, I'm addicted to this show because of one particlar relationship: Blair Waldorf and Chuck Bass. Their relationship is so intense but so beaituful that it's hard not to love them as a whole.  But you should know that they're perfect individually too. Blair is a badass.  By the end she's changed into a successful and independent women who knows exactly what she wants. Somehow, she has advice on virtually everthing you can think of, so you'll take away major life lessons from her. She is so unbelievably confident and that's just the tip of the iceberg. 

Whether you're in the mood for some drama or looking to find a strong women lead, these five Netflix shows are definatly binge worthy (and a great way to forget about all the work you're supposed to be doing)!