5 Easy Mason Jar Meals You Can Take Anyplace

We all love the idea of eating healthy meals that are simple to make; however, sometimes it takes a little creativity to get us going. Thanks to social media mason jars have become just as trendy as kombucha and avocado toast. They make portable portion controlled foods the go to! Many have realized that mason jars aren’t just made for canning, but can make stacked food look delicious. Here are five simple mason jar meals you can eat anywhere.


Skinny Burrito

We have all seen those tasty salads in a jar on Pinterest, but sometimes a girl just needs something more filling...thus enters skinny burrito. Get the mix of all your favorite toppings without the heaviness of a tortilla. Carefully stack sour cream, black beans, corn, rice, and chicken or beef until you have the burrito of your liking!


Blueberry French Toast

With breakfast being the most important meal of the day, it is also the easiest meal to forget. However thanks to mason jars, you are now able to pre-assemble meals to take on the go. Simply cut up slices of bread into cubes and place into the jar. Combine milk, eggs, vanilla, sugar, cinnamon, blueberries and butter, and evenly disperse into each jar. Place the jars upside down in the fridge and let them sit overnight, in the morning put the jars in the oven for 45 minutes. Lastly, top with syrup! Now there are no excuses to miss breakfast!

Shrimp Sushi Jar

We all love sushi, but do all of us know how to, yet alone have the time to roll sushi? Digging a fork into everything you love about sushi is in fact much better. These shrimp sushi jars don’t miss out on anything in a traditional maki, from the seaweed to vinegary rice, to its diced vegetables, free formed sushi shrimp jars are much easier to construct!

Simple Salad


The key to a perfect mason jar salad lays all in the order. Always start your jar off with the dressing on the bottom. Therefore nothing will become soggy. Next stack anything chunky like grain or protein, protecting everything else on top from getting too wet. Afterward enter your fixings such as raisins, nuts, cheese and top it off with any leafy greens!


Instant Pot Oatmeal


Made from only three ingredients, instant pot oatmeal is probably the easiest, yet most fueling meal created in a mason jar. Simply constructed from combining extra thick rolled oats, almond milk and blueberries this dense meal can be consumed for either breakfast, lunch or dinner.