5 Binge-Worthy Euro-Dramas That Will Make You Want to Learn a New Language

Holiday break is almost here and with it, some time to focus on something other than classes. Why not pair those delicious Thanksgiving leftovers with a nice, healthy Netflix binge?

And why not watch something a little different while you’re at it? Netflix has a ton of fantastic foreign TV shows that’ll make you immediately want to download Duolingo. So, here are a handful of Euro-dramas that I highly recommend.

  1. 1. Baby

    Red Lights and Disco Balls

    An action-packed drama with plenty of worthy ships? Sign me up!

    Bored with life at private school, an unlikely pairing venture into a risky part of Rome’s night life. This Italian series follows Chiara and Ludovica as they explore work as sugar babies. The more involved they become, the more dangerous it gets.

  2. 2. Dark

    I’m sure we’ve all heard of this one.

    If you’re looking for something thought-provoking and suspenseful, this German mystery series is the go-to. The show takes us through a masterfully crafted web of the interconnected lives of the characters. Make sure you pay attention, because with the added layer of time-travel, this story gets complicated.

  3. 3. Money Heist

    pile of euro coins

    Watch as a band of carefully selected criminals embarks on a plot to rob the Royal Mint of Spain. Led by The Professor, the team must carry out a complex strategy without letting personal issues come between them.

    Full of lovable characters and unexpected turns, this is perfect for any action-lovers out there.

  4. 4. The Rain

    A show about how precipitation started the apocalypse.

    Siblings Simone and Rasmus are left to fend for themselves in a bunker when rain starts killing people. After they finally emerge, they don’t find the world anything like it was before. Perhaps we’ve all had enough of viruses, but this drama set in Denmark is still worth a watch.

  5. 5. Mortel

    person looking at street lamp

    This French series is one of those that’s “so bad it’s good”. It follows Sofiane, an angsty high schooler, as he seeks answers about his brother’s disappearance. He ends up teaming with an unlikely match, the quiet, shy Victor, as the two come face to face with malicious supernatural forces.

    There’s only one season with six episodes, perfect for a short break from school.