5 Beauty Products I Can't Live Without as a College Student

As a makeup lover, I loved going all out with a full face in high school. But in college, you're constantly running around to class and club meetings, probably not putting a lot of effort into your appearance. As a freshman, I was always going bare-faced day to day-- but now that I've found a handful of products that reduce my routine to just a few minutes, I can put in little effort and feel a little extra confident each day by putting in minimal effort!

  1. 1. Tinted Moisturizer with SPF

    First off, SPF is a must every day, whether you wear makeup or not. But a tinted moisturizer has that benefit as well as a minimal amount of coverage, which evens out your skin tone without the need for foundation or concealer, which can feel heavy and be more complicated and time-consuming to apply.

  2. 2. Cream blush

    Ok, ok, hear me out with this one. I know not everyone is a "blush girl," but even a bronzer-esque color adds so much to the face and really makes you look alive. My favorite thing about cream formulas is how natural and blendable they are. Cream products really meld with you skin, so they rarely get cakey-- perfect for low-key days.

  3. 3. Tinted brow gel

    Brows are absolutely essential in framing the face. Whether you have big, untamed brows or slim, sparse ones, a tinted brow gel grooms and adds that little extra "oomph" without taking forever or looking drawn on. Plus, it stays in place!

  4. 4. Mascara

    Mascara is probably a go-to product for many of us out there-- I don't think this one needs much explaining! 

  5. 5. Tinted lip balm or lip gloss

    A tinted lip balm or gloss is the perfect lip enhancer that's comfortable yet minimal and is super easy to swipe on! Although a small change, bringing a tint of color to your lips really wakes up your complexion. 

With these five products, you can create a full face of simple, natural makeup that enhances your beauty. All in all, it takes around 5 minutes (after washing your face, of course!) to look like you definitely didn't roll out of bed a short time before your first class started.