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4 Reasons Why You Should Watch “Schitt’s Creek”

I’m guilty to admit that I watched a lot of Netflix at the beginning of quarantine…like a lot….But didn’t we all? As someone who has the attention span equivalent to a squirrel when it comes to new series, I found myself skipping over shows my friends would rave to me about. I just never got that “new tv serious addiction” until I stumbled upon Schitt’s Creek. And now here I am, raving about a show! 

If all the awards Schitt’s Creek received aren’t convincing enough for you to start the series, hopefully this list will help push you over the edge to find your new obsession.

Moira’s wardrobe

Moira Roses’s wardrobe is a staple point of her character throughout the series. Although she lives out of a tiny motel, her outfits say otherwise. Feathers, chunky necklaces, big glasses, and — of course — wigs are just some of her favorites!

You’ll never say “David” the same way again

I want to thank Alexis and Moira for this one.

Written by David and his father

The Canadian sitcom was created by father and son, Eugene Levy and Daniel Levy, which in my opinion makes the show all that better! Another interesting fact is that Annie Murphey, who plays Alexis, was discovered working at Petco with only $3 in her bank account before landing a spot on Schitt’s Creek (I love “behind the scenes” info).

Helps normalize LGBTQ people on TV

Viewers aren’t just watching David and Patrick be in love, but they can truly feel the sincerity of their relationship. Schitt’s Creek does a great job with this. Daniel Levy’s choice to incorporate LGBTQ people in his sitcom has made an impact, and is even being aired in gay bars across New York City and Los Angeles! A scene that will live in my head rent-free is Patrick’s acoustic rendition of Tina Turner’s “The Best…” and that alone should be a reason to watch the series!

Iris Neubecker is a junior at the College of Charleston, pursuing a degree in Communication and International Studies. Originally from Boston MA, Iris enjoys finding the best coffee shops in Charleston to study at, food photography and chasing a good sunset. Iris is currently planning a month long road trip across the USA!
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