4 Music Artists You May Not Have Heard Of

Music has, quite possibly, been the one thing getting me through this quarantine. I’ve made endless playlists based on my moods and emotions to get me through breakups, heartache, sadness… and lifted me up during some good times too. I’ve found some great albums and artists over the past year or so, and I’d love to share them with you.

  1. 1. Bug Hunter

    Starting off with a smaller artist: Bug Hunter is an indie band that a close friend recently introduced to me. So far, I’ve only really listened to “Dear McCracken” and “Be Glad I Love You (Go To Bed),” and I absolutely adore both songs. Bug Hunter’s lyrics are personal and heartfelt—I can’t wait to listen to more of his discography.

  2. 2. Wild Party

    I came across Wild Party’s 2014 album Phantom Pop years ago, and it’s been a comfort album of mine ever since. Their songs “Lo-Fi Children” and “Life’s Too Short” are very down-to-earth and romantic. They released two songs in 2019, but haven’t been very active besides that. Regardless, Wild Party holds a special place in my Spotify.

  3. 3. Penelope Scott

    I first found Penelope Scott on TikTok, on which she currently has a following of 274.5k. Her songs “Cigarette Ahegao,” “Born2Run,” “American Healthcare,” and “Rät” provide jarringly realistic perspectives on life while addressing issues like the stress of college, sexism, the American healthcare industry (as the name quite literally suggests), and the immorality of modern advancing technology.

  4. 4. Watsky

    Watsky is certainly the most popular artist on this list, but I was surprised to find he has just 558,900 monthly listeners on Spotify. This man is, in my opinion, an absolute lyrical genius. He has a fast-paced hip-hop/rap style and lyrics that read like masterful poetry. “Welcome to the Family” has an introduction you may recognize from TikTok, and is just a fantastic song. Some of my other favorites are “Tiny Glowing Screens Pt. 2,” “Strong as an Oak,” and “Cardboard Castles.”