4 Finals Essentials You Need

Finals are stressful.  There's no doubt about it.  But there's a few things that can help us to get through and make the best of the stressful times.  Those include a self love regimine to keep us going.  Try a the following things to help you make it through.

1. Facemasks

Photo courtesy of Marissa Myhill.  

You can feel finals everywhere.  Your neck, your back, your hands, and even your face.  Don't let finals take your face down with them, instead opt to do a face mask once a week to let stress leave your body.  We love these Leadership Cosmetics 7 Wonders facemask especially to relieve our stress.  

2. Healthy Snacks

Photo from Livestrong.org.

When you're studying for hours on end it can be hard to take the time to eat a real and healthy homecooked meal.  Opt instead for some healthy study snacks like apples with peanut butter, frozen yogurt or granola.  There are tons of recipies to be found on Pinterest that you can make in between papers, finals and good cries.  

3. Tea 

Photo from Marissa Myhill.

Although coffee and energy drink might be our go-to source of caffeine during finals, it's fun to change it up a little bit.  Tea is a great alternative when coffee gives us too many jitters or for when we cannot consume another sugary energy drink.  Plus the health benefits of tea make it better tenfold.  Some of our favorites are from Yogi Tea (especially their Sweet Tangerine Positive Energy tea).  

4. Headphones

Photo from Pinterest. 

This might seem like a no brainer, but they are essential to helping you make it through the long and strenuous hours of finals.  You need a pair you won't lose or won't break during your hours at the library and that will block out any noise from people talking a little too loud (we see you people on the 2nd floor of Addlestone).  You can find tons of great brands on Amazon.  

These are just a few of the things that you will need to make it through finals.  A good pair of headphones, healthy snacks, tea and facemasks.  Your grades, your skin and your body will thank you.  So, take care of yourselves, collegiettes, and knock your finals out of the park through a self love routine with these awesome products.

Thanks to Her Campus for sending us Yogi Tea and Leadership Cosmetic products in our #HCSurvivalKits!