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3 Things to Consider Before Committing to Curtain Bangs

For some, getting bangs often coincides with big life events -- the most common being a breakup. However, Gen Z, through the use of Tik Tok, Instagram, and Pinterest, has made face-framing bangs the new trend. No longer are individuals waiting for a big milestone or their next therapy session to consider asking their stylist for curtain bangs. 

I am someone who gets bored with my hairstyle quickly. I find myself constantly asking for a new length or highlights whenever I plop down in the hairdresser's spinny chair. After months of filling my Pinterest divider with photos of curtain bangs, I made the decision to not wait for a milestone in my life and booked an appointment for later that day (pro tip: if possible, make appointments for the same day, so you don’t have time to talk yourself out of it!). No, I don’t regret the decision one bit, however, as someone with wavy hair who doesn’t have enough time to style it every morning, here are 3 things I wish I asked myself before the big chop!

Do I like a middle part?

If you are someone who likes to switch from a middle to a side part, curtain bangs may not be for you. Also known as face-framing-bangs, curtain bangs can only be done with a middle part. I was always someone to switch my parts depending on the mood and day, however, once you make the chop you’re dedicated to a middle part! I would recommend wearing your hair split down the middle for some time before deciding if you’ll enjoy the feeling of curtain bangs.

How will they look with my hairtype?

One beautiful thing about curtain bangs, in comparison to traditional bangs, is that they have a mind of their own, regardless of your hair type. For some, this may give you a mini heart attack, however, their playful personality can alter any style. As someone whose hair is straight near my roots and gets gradually wavy closer to the bottom, I didn’t consider how curly my bangs would still appear. If you have wavy or curly hair, ask for long curtain bangs, like chin-length, as they will always shrink with humidity!

Do I have time?

If what I described above about curtain bangs having a personality of their own gives you a heart attack, but you still want to achieve your Pinterest dream, make sure you have the time to dedicate to styling them. Some lazy girl tips are draping them behind your ear and clipping them while you're asleep. The motion of the drape will act as a subtle bend, similar to the one you’d get from a heat product! Regardless of what you decide, make sure you are willing to dedicate time to styling your face framers!

Iris Neubecker is a junior at the College of Charleston, pursuing a degree in Communication and International Studies. Originally from Boston MA, Iris enjoys finding the best coffee shops in Charleston to study at, food photography and chasing a good sunset. Iris is currently planning a month long road trip across the USA!
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