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3 Pieces of Clothing Worth Investing In

Personally, I am a huge believer in investing in my closet rather than just buying cheaper clothing and shoes that fall apart after wearing them five times. However, I do understand that it is not always an option to purchase investment pieces. So, what pieces are really worth investing in, and what pieces can you get at Forever 21? I put together a couple of options that I think are totally worth the price!

Leather Jacket

Worth every bit of money! Seriously though, I wear my all black leather jacket every time I go out at night. Also, you can make your day time outfit look a lot chicer with your leather jacket! Most faux leather jackets go for about $100, but you can always check out a Nordstrom Rack. My favorite leather jacket is the brand BlankNYC, and it is fabulous!


I was never a huge fan of jeans until I tried on my first pair of AGOLDE Jeans. Buying jeans can be so annoying because the waist may fit great, but then your thighs are dying. Well, these jeans fit everyone perfectly. I am not sure what they do, but they have it down to a science. I only own one pair of these jeans because they are really expensive for jeans, but I promise they are worth it! If you are local in Charleston, Style Exchange sells them!

Golden Goose Sneakers 

Honestly, I totally bought these at first because they were so trendy at the time, but now I am overly obsessed with them. I always feel like I am walking on a cloud. They are extremely comfortable, and you can wear them anywhere. I love wearing mine with sweatpants, but then with a dress for dinner. 

I definitely love to splurge on my clothing, shoes, and purses, but not everything has to be a splurge! H&M actually has such great basic tops, pants, and coats. Most of my tops are from boutiques in Charleston that are way more affordable. Verge Girl is also another place to buy clothing from that is not too expensive.

Hey, my name is Molly! I am a Senior at the College of Charleston and am majoring in English. I am from Saratoga Springs, NY, but absolutely love the warm weather here! I spend most of my time nannying or reading Betches.
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