21 Salem Saberhagen Pictures We Can Relate To In Every Way

In case you haven't heard, Netflix is coming out with an original entitled Chilling Adventures of Sabrina which is a reboot of the beloved TV series, starring Melissa Joan Hart, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, but with a bit of a vampy spin. So in light of our adolescent nostalgia, here's a compilation of relatable reactions from our favorite sassy black cat, Salem Saberhagen.

   When your mom says you need to take a shower: 




    When you watch Titanic for the 10th time:



 The morning after you black out:



When everyone is dumb drunk but you: 


When you miss Election day:



When your friend's boyfriend isn't complimenting her enough:



When someone asks why you are listening to music alone in your room:





When your friends ask if you want to go to Darty’s when you are hungover:





When you are babysitting:





When The Notebook comes on TV:





When you make a joke and no one laughs:





When he doesn’t respond:





When you see a skateboarder fall in the middle of traffic:




When someone asks what you want for your birthday:





When you and your friend get to class and there is a test you didn't know about:




When you see two girls fighting in a bar:




While watching the As Seen On TV commercials:




When you get a bad grade:




Watching the Kardashian episode about Kim being robbed :



When someone gets a hickey and asks for help:  




Most of the time: