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20 signs you attend the College of Charleston

College of Charleston is a campus like no other. Located in the heart of Charleston, the campus is surrounded by breathtaking views, award-winning beaches, and southern hospitality. Although the College of Charleston is home to students and alumni from all over, every Cougar could agree that with this list, these are for sure signs that you go to The College. 

1. Skipped class to go to Sullivans Island

Ah yes, we have all done it. Skipped our 11 a.m to get an early start on our beach day. Never takes a lot of convincing to get your best friend to agree!

2. Biked to the battery to watch the sunset

Whether you bike, walk, or take a golf cart to the battery, it's always filled with students waiting to say goodbye to the sun for the day. 

3. Stood in line for Bennys

Hands down the most craved pizza spot on upper King. Anyone will stand in line since it is guaranteed you will bump into at least five more people you know at midnight. 

4. Gone to Callies late-night window

Some don’t know this, but Callies Hot little Biscuits opens back up around midnight for the hungry night crowed! Just need to squeeze past the line for Silver Dollar to get in! 

5. Taken photos of the Cistern

I mean Nicholas Sparks didn’t incorporate the Cistern in the Notebook just for fun. It is, in fact, a staple point and one of the most beautiful parts of our campus, let alone the peninsula. 

6. Jumped in the fountain on Morris St

Yup, enough said.

7. Participated in one of Charlie's Groceries giveaways 

This corner store runs one of the funniest Instagrams, and they are always handing out prizes!

8. Been scared by the manakin in the CVS window

My personal favorite and worse enemy. CVS just thought it would be a good idea to dress the manakin in CofC apparel to make it appear more real, scaring students walking down Saint Phillip St.

9. Lost your friends on King St

Has to be the scariest five minutes until you run into them again with more friends. 

10. Walking tour of your own city 

Being a tourist to take photos of Rainbow Row and Colonial Lake never gets old.

11. Taken a Bike Taxi home

When its too far to walk home, but too close to justice an Uber, the Bike Taxi is the way to go!!

12. Gotten stuck in the lobby of Sky-G

The longest wait is waiting for your friend with the key to come down to give you access to the elevator.

13. Ordered an appetizer Trio from Taco Boy

Worth the wait for the table...trust me. And for your own good, order two orders of the trio. 

14. Been lost in Simons Center

All non-art majors have done it, I promise 

15. Tripped on the bricks 

We have all played it off as if no one was looking while responding to a text. Often the scariest fall. 

16. Stolen silverware out of liberty 

Whether by accident or on purpose every freshman dorm had a random spoon from Liberty Fresh Food co.

17. Cried in Addlestone 

You don’t go to CofC if you don’t cry in Addlestone a couple of times a semester, at least. 

18. Stayed home from class because of rain

 Perhaps your car won’t make it down Calhoun St due to flooding or you live on Duncan St and the water is past your knees, we have all missed a class due to flooding.

19. Walked the Ravenel 

The windiest most beautiful walk! 

20. Eaten more than one meal a day at Caviar  

No ones judging. Personally, I’ve had all three meals at Caviar and don’t regret it.

Iris Neubecker is a junior at the College of Charleston, pursuing a degree in Communication and International Studies. Originally from Boston MA, Iris enjoys finding the best coffee shops in Charleston to study at, food photography and chasing a good sunset. Iris is currently planning a month long road trip across the USA!
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